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Paging Haruko-RESOLVED

Sep 9, 2008

    1. I had commissioned a face-up from Haruko last year and was really satisfied with the quality of it and the time she took to do it, so I decided to send her back my head this summer.
      I sent my head out on July 2nd and paid for the face-up & return shipping right away. The head arrived safely to her. Haruko PMed me to let me know that his face-up was finished on August 8th. I asked for pictures, which she promised to give me without fail on August 20th, but that I still haven't received.
      The last message I have received from her dates back to August 24th, when she explained that she had been busy preparing for school and that her time on Internet was quite limited due to her use of her parents' computer. Since then, I've sent her 2 PMs asking her to return my head to me as soon as possible, but I haven't received any news.

      I really love her face-ups, she's an amazingly talented girl, but the lack of news is disheartening :( I would have been happy with just a PM letting me know of the time frame that she'd ship him out. I don't care to see pictures anymore, I just want to get my head back.
    2. Haruko was last on the forum 6SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'm in the same boat as creamyjade. Haruko painted my Ren girl last year, and I was really pleased with the work. When she reopened commissions I grabbed a slot with her for my Lishe head, which she received August 9th. I PM'd haruko on August 5th for an update, and she informed me that my girl was nearly finished. I PM'd again August 14th to inform haruko that while there was no rush, I would soon be moving back on campus and might need my head shipped to a different address. Haruko told me that she would try to have my girl done by then, but asked for the backup address in case, which I sent along. After hearing from creamyjade about her difficulty getting in contact with haruko I sent another PM on September 3rd asking for progress pics. I have not yet received a response.

      I haven't yet paid for the faceup, as I was awaiting progress pics. If my head is complete, I will gladly pay for the work and return shipping as soon as I hear from haruko. Even if my head isn't complete, that's fine. I'd just really like some communication.
    4. I just sent Haruko another PM today, asking for my doll head back. It's been three weeks since her last PM to me.
    5. I just sent an email to Haruko to the paypal address she gave me: starsky22@satx.rr.com. Let's hope I get a response.

      NicoMari, please do the same!

      This is getting very upsetting.
    6. Zagzagael told me Haruko had been on the board on September 13th, after I paged her, but I received no news! :(
    7. I haven't received a response from haruko either. I'm planning on sending her a certified letter requesting the heads be returned as soon as possible. Please check your inbox for further information, creamyjade. Hopefully we'll be able to resolve this soon.
    8. NikoMari sent Haruko a registered letter on Monday the 29th and we haven't had any news yet, even though she's been on the board yesterday! D:
      I sent her another PM tonight.

      Haruko, if you read this, send us back our heads!
    9. The certified letter is taking longer to arrive than I thought. I've given haruko until three days after its arrival to contact myself and creamyjade about our heads. If she fails to do so, I will have to consider taking legal action. In the meantime, I will be contacting the San Antonio PD to discuss my options. I really don't want it to come to that. I know haruko has been on the forum several times since this thread went up, and I'd like to know why she's avoiding us. Haruko, if you're reading this, please contact us immediately!
    10. I sent another email today to the address I mentioned in a previous post. I didn't get any answers last time, but I can try getting in contact :(
    11. I'm going to send another email as well, making it clear to haruko that in three days I intend to file a police report.
    12. I mailed two registered letters today to the postal address she sent us, one addressed to Haruko/Adria & one addressed to her parents. It should arrive within 4 to 5 days to her.
    13. I have received a PM from haruko stating that she has sent both mine and creamyjade's heads out. I will post again if/when they arrive.
    14. I sent a PM to haruko today asking for a tracking number for Seven's head.
    15. My head has been returned. It is currently at my parents' place, though I'd asked haruko to send it to an alternate address instead, since I'm living on campus and a bit far from home. My mother will try to get it to me on Friday, so I won't know till then if the work was completed to my satisfaction.
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    16. I've gotten my girl's head back from home and she is in perfect condition. I must say that I am extremely displeased with this transaction as a whole. Haruko's lack of communication was inexcusable. I still have not received any kind of explanation as to why she disappeared for so long and refused to answer any of my messages. I don't know if she would have returned my head if she hadn't been threatened with legal action, or if creamyjade hadn't written her parents. A simple "I'm experiencing personal issues" or "I'm too busy with schoolwork" would have sufficed, but neither creamyjade nor myself received even that. I will be leaving haruko negative feedback and I hope that commissioners will be wary of dealing with her in the future. I was not sent any picture for approval of the faceup before my head was returned. However, I will say that I am satisfied with the work, and therefore feel obligated to pay haruko for her work if she will send me her paypal address.
    17. I've received my Woosoo head back from Haruko this morning. His face-up is done, but not according to the instructions that I had sent her, unfortunately. I has asked an update on his current look, with a bit more mischevious eyebrows, but Haruko changed his color scheme, making it more purple than brown. It's well done, so I'll keep it that way for now, but I feel like Seven's a bit lost ;~;
      Also, I had paid $27 for express shipping, but I received him today, almost 10 business days after he was shipped, and the shipping label indicated about $3.50 >_>

      This case is resolved, as NikoMari & I both received our heads with a face-up, but I will never do business again with Haruko and would never suggest her services as a face-up artist to anyone.