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Paging Hasacz - RESOLVED

May 25, 2009

    1. Hasacz is in my EverPurple Eyes GO.
      I sent him a couple PMs requesting the shipping from me to him since the package arrived.
      He told me twice that he would send payment to me but I received nothing.

      Hazacz, this is the last time I request your payment for shipping.
      If I don't have the payment by June 1, I will consider you don't want those eyes anymore and this thread will turn into a negative feedback thread.
    2. Hasacz is now Being Paged, please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. The payment was sent yesterday. Please let me know if you have got it. :)
      I am sincerely sorry for the delay but I have been up to my ears with work recently and that caused all these problems.
      Please accept my apologies, Choumai.
    4. Hasacz tried to pay me however Paypal didn't let me clam the money as I have no more CC transaction allowance this year.

      I've PMed you back with a possible solution, please let me know if you receive it.
    5. Just a tiny update- the payment was resent, this time from Paypal balance.
      You should have got it without a single problem. :)
    6. I received Hasacz's payment and shipped out the package today.
      I also sent him a PM with tracking number.
      I consider this is solved.

      Mod, thank you for your help :)