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Jun 29, 2007

    1. Miscommunication and other problems caused all the disturbance. I am sorry it had to go this far. I have a received a full refund from Hats and everything is cleared up.
      Thank you Hats

      I have tried and tried to contact you through email and everything keeps bouncing back. You sent me 1 pm stating you were sorry that you had a family member pass on. Since then nothing - no doll body no refund nothing. I filed a complaint with paypal for non receipt of goods (the Dollfie Dream body you sold me on DOA) and they have found in my favor. Yet I still have no doll, you have cleaned your account out so now I am sitting here with no doll and a loss of $185.
      Paypal states that since you have no money in your account that they cannot reimburse me.

      Please reply asap so we can settle this.

      I have tried contacting through pm's and your email address bounces back. :(
    2. Bump for update, no body and now I am out -- !!!! And I haven't heard anything from you, but yet you were on DoA just yesterday??!!!
    3. Post this in the feedback forum and PM a moderator - if you haven't already - with a brief description of the situation, and copies of any PMs you've received or sent.
    4. Thank you I will do that later this evening if I don't hear from her. I hate dragging someone through all this, but I just feel cheated. I have had so many positive transactions here with so many wonderful people, it makes this doubly sad. :( Thank you Mela