Mar 18, 2010

    1. I purchased a YoSD Lin from Hats on layaway, and I was really excited about her. She even came with the best of the best limited outfit for Lin 2nd and she said she's throwing in an extra pair of Leeke shoes... YAY! I scrambled to get my money together in time to pay almost a month before the deadline, so that I could make sure to have her in time to send for a faceup slot I had.

      I paid on Wednesday 3/10, as I was told the doll would be shipped Thursday 3/11 if I did. Later Hats PMed on Thursday to say she had to stay late at work and would not be shipping until Monday. I understand, we all run into stuff. We're just regular people here, selling dolls isn't our real jobs. Although really it seemed a bit off that she couldn't ship until MONDAY when the post is open Fridays and Saturdays. Still I didn't want to make a scene.
      Yesterday (3/17) came around and no sign of her, so I sent Hats a PM asking if she was shipped and if she had any tracking or insurance numbers. No reply, but she was online that night.
      Today I really hoped to see Lin when I went to check my mail but still nothing. I sent Hats another PM letting her know I was a little bit upset and to please respond to me. She got on this afternoon and again ignored my message.
      I knew I was cutting it tight with the faceup slot, but it still really upsets me to lose it. What upsets me more is that Hats can't just tell me if Lin is on her way.

      Hats, you've been so nice so far, but now you are ignoring me... Please reply to me!
    2. I'm getting really scared now. Hats was just online and did not reply again. :(
    3. Checked my mail today. Again no Lin, and no word from Hats. She was on this morning. I hate feeling like I'm stalking her userpage, but I just can't see any good reason to ignore someone when they give you their money for something!
    4. Hats has responded to me with a tracking number tonight. It seems she was not actually on DoA and her browser counts her as logged in because it's a top site? I'm not sure how this would work but I will take her word for it. I will update this thread again when I receive Lin, unless the mods wish to close it now since she did contact me.
    5. Please update it when you receive the package and it can be closed!
    6. Lin arrived in good condition today. The tracking number that Hats gave me didn't get updated properly and I tried emailing her, and got no response. But it's all a moot point since I have my new girl. The extra shoes she had mentioned weren't in the package, but I'm not going to make a fuss over what was basically a free gift anyway.