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Resolved Paging hauntednursery - RESOLVED

Jan 20, 2010

    1. I was in the middle of a layaway for buying her Dollmore Kyle Reese:

      Which was being sold on this thread

      When I stared the layaway, we had good communication and even was understandable after I told her I couldn't pay her when the next payment was due. Though, it was after 11 - 08 - 09 was when communication with her on DoA stopped.

      Usually, when I got to make a payment with someone I give them a heads up first to make sure they respond before handing over my money. Though, when I went to go and give her the next payment she didn't respond.

      She didn't respond for the next month.

      It took me find her different e-mails and e-mailing her outside of DoA to get a response which were:

      I contacted her back the same day saying at first it was ok that the doll was damaged ( as I wanted to try my hand at modding anyways ) and I wanted to know what she was going to do in the form of compensation. When I responded back to her, she never replied.

      I emailed her again, telling her if things were going to continue as they were that I'd like my money back.

      I know I've taken a very long time to bring this up to light, but I have a glorious amount of patience and it just about ran dry. I don't like doing this, but I don't know what to do.
    2. hauntednursery has not been on the forum since 19NOV09. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Oh, thank you. I hope this can be settled in some way or another. =_=
    4. I have gotten a response from her, from her other email!

      I believe she is telling the truth and I believe personal matters haven't allowed her to get online. D: I'll keep you posted when I get my deposit back.
    5. Uh- Just to give you guys an update. I haven't heard from her, it's been a year and she hasn't even tried getting back to me. :/
    6. I'm here & just sent you a ton of messages! Well... actually I sent two but that's not the point. I'll be sending your money back as soon as you tell me where! Again, I apologize.
    7. We're in good communication right now! She's keeping good contact with me. :D
    8. Moony ~ do you feel this is resolved? And if so, please state more details regarding the resolution.
    9. It took an act of God to get Paypal to cooperate, but I just sent Moony a full refund of her deposit on the Kyle Reese doll. I'll also pay shipping for either a Kyle from Dollmore or from another DOA-er. I feel really bad, but I'm so thankful that she was so understanding.