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Paging heartless_droid - RESOLVED

Aug 1, 2009

    1. I purchased a pair of pupapa glass eyes from heartless droid on monday july 6th. She asked me to send her the payment as PERSONAL so that there wouldnt be any FEES involved and I agreed since I've never had any problems buying here on DOA or practiclaly any other doll board. Little did I knwo that I shouldn't have done that because its been almost a month and I still haven't recieved my eyes and now I can't ask paypal for a refund or open a dispute :(

      If you are buying from this seller BEWARTE and dont send her personal payments!

      She agreed to ship me the eyes on friday the the 10th but then sent me a message saying that since they didn't have envelops in the post office she was goign to buy it elsewhere and ship them on monday and would pm me when she had shipped them. Since I hadn't recieved a pm about shipping on monday. She replied and said she had shipped them that day.

      Then on that next tuesday july 14th she pm's me again saying that the post office called her saying that my address was wrong and that she had to fix it to re ship them. I found this really odd since I always have everything shipped directly to my paypal adress with no such problems.

      By then I was really annoyed and tired of her excuses so I sent her a pm asking her if she could just issue a refund for me since its been 9 days since I paid for the eyes and they still hadn't shipped after after agreeing to ship then on said friday.

      Heartless_droid then replied in a rude manner saying that I should take my bussiness elsewhere and that she wouldnt issue me a full refund since she had alreafy spent money on shipping and had gone to the post twice.

      I replied once again that I didnt want to lose any money so I asked her to ship them again on that day (tuesday).

      After this last pm HEARTLESS_DROID just dissapeared and never gave me a shippign notice so I thought the eyes were on the way.

      Since I hadn't recieved the eyes by tuesday the 28th (By then it had been 2 more weeks since my last pm and sufficient time for the package to arrive from canada) I decided to pm HEARTLESS_DRIOD once more. I asked her when and if she had shippe dmy eyes and after that still NO REPLY.

      I am paging HEARTLESS-DROID becuase I want my eyes or a full refund. I have recieved packages I bought from the UK that I bought much later than her eyes and by now I am done with waiting.

      This transaction has been a headache and I will never purchase anything from this seller again...hopefully others who have won't have this same experience and migth read this first.
    2. Anayari ~ heartless_droid was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Pretty much most of that is true. Rather than increase on shipping i buy my envelopes in bulk, not from the post office and I'm very upfront that you might have to wait a few days.

      However, i did inform Anayari about the wait which she accepted, and thanked her for her patience, despite her pm'ing me incessantly.
      I made the attempt to send the eyes out the date stated, and was informed by my post office that they would not accept the bubble package without understanding the abbreviation, lest the package be shipped somewhere random.

      Upon pm'ing Anayari this time she was very unreasonably rude with me, and started demanding a refund which i said i wasn't prepared to give. I'd already spent the money on envelopes, paid for shipping and been to the post office and had to try and figure this all out. Rather than just ship the eyes to who knows where, i felt as a responsible seller than it would be better to pm her and double check the address.
      It's no fault of mine if official Canada Post employees have a problem with the abbreviation.

      After her increasingly rude pm's, and after i stated that my own time was wasted and i was not willing to give her a full refund, she agreed that i should ship the eyes.
      I did so in the next day.
      I was told by the Canada Post employee shipping would take 3 weeks.
      Which it has not been.

      If you pay for the slowest, cheapest shipping without a tracking number, you just have to wait.

      At this point i'm apt to take poor feedback, rather than be harangued by a rude and nasty buyer for a full refund.
    4. Oh and further, Anayari haggled with me on shipping, because it was "too much".
      So if you're unwilling to pay the fees that come with using Paypal, don't send others money, and then complain later that there wasn't any assurance!
    5. First of all my pm's were not rude and second it was your lack of response and communication that had me sending you pm's. If you would have been a responsible seller and had replied and communicated with me I wouldn't have to be pm'ng you. Furthermore, if you had sent me a shipping notice and/or ansewered my pm (I gave you TWO weeks for the item to arrive before pm'ing you again). Also you are not suppossed to charge any fees to begin with which is why you should apply your own words to yourself: "if you're using paypal you should be able to pay for the fees" the fees are for you the one that recieves the payment not for the buyer. And in your asking me to send payment as personal not only did you leave me unprotected as a buyer for this transaction but you have risked your paypal account as if I will have a complain filed about this transaction now. I asked (nicely) if you'd take an offer of $20 for the eyes shipped. For a pair of eyes, airmail shouldn't be that much either way and if you are selling something you should already have your supplies ready to ship. I will wait one more week and hopefully they will be here if not then I'm filing a paypal complaint.
    6. Well, we can argue about your pm's and your blatant rudeness or if you rather i can just post your pm's here. Maybe the one in which you accuse me of "threatening" you, by saying after the transaction was done we would leave according feedback. Which I'm of the impression is what we do here on Doa, leave feedback.
      You were rude and unreasonably tactless.
      When i tried to communicate clearly and promptly you DEMANDED a refund, just because the Canada Post employees didn't understand your abbreviation, which is no fault of mine as I wrote it down just as you gave it to me via Paypal, and like a responsible seller I tried to just clear that up to get the eyes on their way to you.

      Lots of people on Doa charge fees, it's everywhere on their sales threads and if you were more comfortable you could have asked and i would have willingly had you pay said fees. However, you did not and chose to send it personal.
      I don't use a CC paypal account because i try to minimize people's fees as much as possible, we're all paying enough for the items here.

      Like i said, if you weren't alright with the wait that i stated clearing from the beginning, you didn't have to accept.
      However, you accepted the terms so it's pretty crass to complain about it now.
      I should have just charged you the $3.99 for one envelope, rather than the 39 cents from the other envelopes i chose to buy, that i just happened to be out of.

      Feel free to file a Paypal complaint.
      Hopefully your eyes arrive, though from your tone and total lack of professionalism i suspect you'll file one even if the eyes do arrive.
    7. Was there resolution in this situation?
    8. Not as of yet Zagzagael!
      I have still not heard back from Anayari as to if she received the eyes.
      I'd like to get it finished as soon as possible though, not only did she have me paged, she also left me an essay of feedback, which I'm under the impression she's not allowed to do until she actually receives the eyes or we have this settled, and then she's free to leave whatever feedback she would like~
    9. Hopeful bump please?
      I still haven't heard a peep since my last post, and this is really dragging on unreasonably.
    10. Hi I recieved the eyes a month later and I will fix the feedback now thanks a lot to the mods for the page
    11. I can't edit the feedback thread but if the mods allow me I will thanks
    12. Anayari ~ Feedback is not editable. Please just post a link back to this thread, instead.