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May 14, 2010

    1. I bought on layaway 2 dolls and 1 head (I made the first payment the 18th of april and the last paylent on the 4th may)
      The 5th May she said she will ship the dolls tomorrow,
      I had no news about any shipment during the next days, so I pmed her again.
      SHe answered the 10th May that she was ill during the last couple days, but that she will ship the dolls the next day (that means the 11th may) and will send me the tracking number.
      Since 10th May I had no news of her, I pmed her 2 times and she did not read my messages.
      I have not received my dolls and as I spent a huge amount of money I decided to protect me and opened the 13th may a paypal claim.
      I really want to know what's happens....
    2. Heceta was last on the forum 10MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hello.

      I have taken over the shipment of the dolls because Heceta (due to a mental illness) have not been able to do so. The dolls will be shipped Monday, and I am just now writing the people she is dealing with.

    4. Hi

      Thanks for your help but as I answered you in the mp,
      Heceta was online on the danish bjd forum yesterday morning and this morning so there is no fair reason why she does not want or is not able to answer me here.
      I can be understanding and patient but it is really strange that she does not reply to me.
    5. I have seen that Heceta read my 2 previous mp today and did not reply me.
      It is really not fair,
      I think that after having spent somuch money I deserve a word and a piece of respect.
    6. Heceta's friend, Jeanet Kaulitz told me that she will herself ship the dolls on monday 17th of may.
      I will keep updating if I got news.
      Heceta keeps hiding and not giving any news....
    7. STill no news about Heceta (and she stil be online on the danish forum but does not write me!!)

      Here are the "news" aboout the shiment which was supposed to be done yesterday (mail received, wrote by Jeanet Kaulitz):

      "I need Heceta to give me the money to ship for, and today she had not cashed them yet. So they will have to be sent tomorrow :(
      Sorry for all the delays. I KNOW how hard it is to wait for dolls that you have paid for. But I can tell that I helped pack them down yesterday, and I just need the money so I can send them.

    8. well, it is wednesday, and as it can be "expected" according to that mess, I have no news from Heceta, no news from Jeanet and no news of what happens with my dolls.
      I seriously think that I will never see them, all what I still have are my eyes to cry.
      I am done with this situation, a part of me still hoping but I really have to consider that I will never see my dolls.
    9. l I have PMd zouzou that I also had problems with a purchase from Heceta in January. zouzou requested that I post here to help her establish that she is not the only one that has had this problem.
      My pruchase from Heceta was my first purchase on DOA. I had the very same problems, promises to mail my doll, and many excuses why my doll had not been mailed. Then I went through old posts and Heceta's feedback, and saw some problems and decided that my only options was to file a complaint with PayPal.
      PayPal sided in my favor, froze Heceta's account and refunded all of my money.
      I did not file a complaint with DOA because I was so new, and so sad about what happened, and that being resolved through PayPal, I decided to just let it be.
      This is so sad because DOA is such a wonderful place !
    10. ZouZou has contacted me personally about the case, as she knows I'm a moderator of the Danish forum. I have responded to the private message.
    11. Jeanet answered me few hours ago saying that she shipped the doll
      because of the mess, the lack of reliable infos and communication, I will see if my dolls arrive and will keep the thread updated.

      Xandorram, I answered you to explain my way of thinking about this unfair situation and I thank you to take your time to pm me.
    12. Some news:
      still no news from Heceta
      Paypal hast stated in my favor and sent back my money, I feel so better
      The dolls are not arrived yet, so if they arrive later, I will ask my post office to send them back to Heceta.
      This thread can be locked
      I will add it on the Heceta's feedback to warn others people.
    13. ZouZou: It says that the dolls will be delivered next time the post is delivered to your house on the tracking site
    14. Did you not think about checking that?
    15. hi

      the tracking says that the delivery was missed, I was at work
      and since I have the money back from paypal, I have no reason to keep the dolls, they will be returned back to Heceta.
      I do not want the dolls anymore, I am disgusted of them, disgusted of this situation.
    16. Please post ONLY when the dolls have arrived home and the last of this is resolved, financially speaking.
    17. The dolls will not arrive home until ZouZou picks them up from the post office. If she doesn't, they will be lost :'(
    18. The Danish post has a system, that unless you pay more than double the price for sending the parcel, you won't get it back if it is not claimed by the reciever. Normally we never pay that fee, since people always claim their dolls. But this time it isn't so, so therefore it's VERY important that they're picked up...

      I had no idea that zouzou didn't want them, since she claimed her money after the dolls were sent.
    19. If the danish post has a system, the french post has also one!
      Please keep in mind that it is my RIGHT to accept the money that paypal gave me back according to their exam of the situation.
      Why I did not want them? "Just "because this situation was unpleasant, Heceta was non reliable and I was never sure to receive the dolls I paid for dued to the lack of communication. I was just disgusted of them, which can be easily understood.
      So the dolls will be returned back to Heceta according to the process of french post office system. I will go to the post office to see what is possible to do.
      It is strange and odd that suddenly the situation seems for you and Heceta important as it did not seem to important when it was me who was waiting for something I paid.
      And please keep in mind that you do not have to turn back the situation to your "advantage" as if we arrived at this point it is not my fault first.
      I am honest and do not want the dolls so you also have to understand that it can take time to be sent back by the french post office and I am not responsible for that fact.
    20. I answered here to pm that I received and I want to add a precision.
      A friendly danish member told me that
      "by the Danish postal service, you have the choice of two options, if the recipient does not pick up the parcel:
      1. Treat as abandoned
      2. Return to sender (at sender's expense).
      None of these costs extra money, except that you have to pay the return postage when the parcel is returned to you. "

      So I do not understand why you said previously that it costs the double of expenses.
      I would appreciate that reliable infos are posted here.
      So I will go to the office, say that I refuse the parcel and that it should be sent back at sender expenses. Which is also the way it works here with the french postal service.