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Paging Heidi_MadHatter - RESOLVED

Mar 13, 2009

    1. I commissioned Heidi_MadHatter onFebruary 13th for 3 pairs of msd sized panties. She said she would get them out the next day as she finished them really fast. On the 23rd she sent me a message saying she got the package back because she had the address wrong. So she said she would send it out the next day and sorry for the delay. I told her thanks fo the update I was getting concerned. I sent ehr another message on the 3rd asking if everything was ok I still didn't have the panties. Her last login was the 5th adn she didnt respond to me message. Then I messaged her again on the 9th and she logged in yesterday and didnt reply.

      Whats going on Heidi? Where are the panties?
    2. Half.Jak ~ Heidi_MadHatter was last on the board 12MAR and is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Just pm-ed her.
    4. Found out shes been offline cause of health issues. Thanks so much for replying to my message. She said she will ship them out later this week
    5. Still no panties. =[ My poor girl is gettin sick of the draft xD
    6. Heidi is a participant in my Soom Amber split. She has the body on layaway with me and has paid me $200 with about a $500 remaining balance to pay off.

      She PM'ed me on the 15th saying she is able to pay off the rest and I just needed to send her the total which I did on the 16th. I haven't heard back from her yet but it shows that she has been online on the 17th. I saw that she was being paged on this thread so I thought I should just give her some time to respond if she's having health issues.

      I hope she returns soon because I specifically stated that I must have the rest of the money by mid March and I don't have all of it... >_<
    7. Still no word on the undies. How long has she been sick for? =[
    8. I jut got a pm from a person in the Florida area *Where Heidi lives* saying that Heidi was at a meet up last weekend. She had a sellers booth and everything with her sewing. The person said she looked fine and healthy.

      Heidi....does it take that much to send 3 pairs of panties in the mail? You have my address. And my money. All I asked for was those panties. I understood when you said you were sick. But how long have you been sick for? Will you keep being sick every time I pm you? Please just send them out.
    9. That doesn't sound too good... I sent her an email so now I can only wait until she comes back on DoA or if she replies to my email first.
    10. Still no panties. I give up. =[ Almost....
    11. Heidi please. It's been a while I know you could have at least gotten online. If you were good enough to go to a meet with your sewing etc im sure it wouldn't be that hard to get online to inform me that you still haven't gotten my package out yet. Maybe give me a refund. =\
    12. Still no reply from her...
    13. I ordered an SD bra and panties set back on February 19th. Heidi said she would send them out the next day. However, it's been over 6 weeks and I've yet to receive it in the mail. I hesitated to contact her regarding it, after seeing this thread awhile back. But after reading the recent posts, I've PMed her hopefully I'll get a reply and a resolution can be met.
    14. Still no work from Heidi. tehrin she told me the same thing. Said she would get them out in the mail really fast. Well. If by fast she ment glacier slow it makes sense. I would like to have my panties now k?
    15. This member has not been back to the forum since the end of March.
    16. It says she's been on since April 16 so she must know what's going on...

      Heidi where are you?!
    17. You're right, Ayase, she logged on after I posted this on 6APR.
    18. Dang Heidi. Take some responsibility woman >.<
    19. So I heard from a friend of Heidi's today that she really has been caught up in alot of thigns in life and is very sick. She said Heidi will try to get the panties from her sewing room and send them too me as soon as she can(when she gets any time to breath that is poor girl >.<)
    20. Heidi has sent me the remaining payment and paid off her Amber body.