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paging HighPriestessIce - RESOLVED

Jul 17, 2009

    1. I hate to start a paging thread but it has been too long.

      HighPriestessIce and I decided on doing a swap many, many months ago -- I believe it was more than 6 months ago. I finished my end of the swap (a scarf) the day we decided to swap, and said I would send it out when she was finished with hers as well.

      She did not finish her end of the swap until last month (a vest). While I was patient with that, she still has not sent the swap and I had to continuously ask her about her progress and possibility to ship it. I have PMed her every now and then this entire time, asking when she would be done and when she would send it. I even offered to drop the swap if she could not manage to make it, but she said she could.

      I also purchased an accessory off of her, which she said she would send with the swap item. Since it was taking so long for her to do the swap, I asked her to just send the accessory itself (this was early May), and she said she would send both accessory and vest. Neither were sent.

      I am now asking her to send the vest she said she completed. She claimed to have sent it out the 7th of this month, but I have not received it. I hate to be a doubter, but I do not believe she has sent it, so I am setting up this paging. I have been extremely patient with her this entire time, but I think 6-8 months is a long enough time to be patient.
    2. HighPriestessIce was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. aww heck ): Your item was sent >.> It takes a bit longer than 4 days to reach you.
      It takes a bit longer than 4 days to reach you. I don't know of any package that goes out of the counrty that makes it there that fast unless I you pay $30 for the 46 day UPS. Canada post is even more insane.

      While I don't deny that I may have taken a while and you did give me the option to drop during the time I was having heart problems and was overloaded with orders. It is a little unfair to expect me to whip this up no problem >.> You asked for a very specific vest I had never done before. I'm sory I can't do it as quick as a little scarf. It's hard to create patterns based on a drawing and a photo where it's like black on black.

      I also offered pictures of the vest, but she wanted a surprise.

      As for proof here's photographs of the vest, the hand made pattern pieces and the customs forms. Our addresses are blacked out for obvious reasons.
      I did pm you the photos on the 8th.


      I don't know why this thread was necessary after my PM.

      If you like I can refund for the handcuffs to help make up for my lateness.
    4. Sorry for the paging, but I was being pressured by many people to, which just made me panic (I always think worse case scenarios), and in hindsight I do apologize for the paging.

      I know I gave you much time, and I didn't expect you to finish it and just drop everything, which is why I had no problem for you to take so long to actually make it. I was just getting a little ansty with it not being sent after completion -- You PMed me the 6th saying it would be sent next day, so I assumed it went out the 7th. I have recieved packages from Canada in 3-4 days, usually that is the standard time it takes for me to recieve them, and to send them.

      I never recieved the PM with images from the 8th, I'm sorry. That probably would have made me not worry about sending it.

      Again, apologies for the paging, but I got worked up. Thank you for responding so fast.

      This paging thread can be closed.