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Paging hime nao - RESOLVED

Feb 12, 2010

    1. OK I took part in her Bygg split in August. I was just having the human legs and feet. I then decided to buy my own Bygg but went ahead and paid for the legs even though i no longer needed them as i didn't want to cause any problems with the split.

      Because i only spent $32i never chased for the parts, a couple of weeks ago i got a message saying the doll was in customs (i believe from her posts she now has it) so i decided to sell the legs for $15 shipped when they arrived, but i never heard anything more.

      I pm'd hime nao on the 8th Feb, she hasn't responded to this pm despite being online. I know its a piffling amount of money but i'm a bit bugged as i felt i did the honourable thing in the first place seeing as i already knew i no longer needed them but paid up anyway-for this reason i'd be more than happy to take a refund :)
    2. hime nao was last on the forum 9FEB. She is now Being Paged. Much of your statements here are confusing - if you entered into a split, you became obligated regardless of your following purchases or need or desire for the split parts. Why are you mentioning selling these items in this post?
    3. sorry i didn't mean to cause confusion, i was just mentioning as i purchased my own doll prior to completing my payment for the split but i suppose its pretty irrelevant, i can't edit it now though.

    4. Was in the Bygg split for the sandals;
      she notified us(?) on Jan 20th that she was getting Bygg once he got through UK Customs.

      Didn't pursue the matter but I'd be interested to see a resolution to this as well,
      since I haven't heard from her beyond receiving that PM.
    5. In the process of PMing everyone in the split!
      Sorry about the delay, had a lot of problems going on in life; I won't go into detail but from soon it should be cleared up, and I hope to have everything in the split sorted and shipped soon.
    6. I'm still waiting for the clothes from the split. The lack of communication is really a problem here.
      I know you have PM'd us saying that you're having some personal problems, but it really shouldn't be an excuse
      since I did my part paying for the clothes and have been very very patient until now.
      I hope you can show some responsibility and solve this as soon as possible.
    7. Everything was sent last week.
      I've done the best I can under the circumstances. That's all I am going to say.
    8. I have no received the legs and consider the matter closed :whitetruffle
    9. Thank you, angeldoll. gabriel and Lelie will now need to update with their resolutions.
    10. Have received the shoes, thanks.
    11. Clothes arrived safely. Now everything is alright, thanks!