Paging hinoto - RESOLVED

May 27, 2008

    1. I'm looking for this user, as she has participated in my Dollga Group Order and I have her things sitting at my house waiting to be shipped. All I need is the money to pay for shipping and they'll be on the way.

      I have her email address and have sent multiple emails, all with no reply. I don't know what else to do, come tomorrow, I'll have had her three pairs of shoes and airbrush thinner for exactly two weeks.

      Anyone heard from her?

    2. Edit: I just saw that she was online on the 23rd, but I didn't get any replies to my PMs or emails.

      What should I do?
    3. You could just send the items to her COD for the cost of the shipping, if you have her mailing address, which is probably in the paypal she used to pay for the initial part of the order.
    4. COD? If I were to do that, then I would be losing money [which I don't have much of] and it would hardly seem fair to the other Group Order members if one person got free shipping.
    5. With COD you wouldn't be losing any money. When the postal worker goes to give her her items she would have to pay for shipping via cash or check directly to the post office.
    6. Ooh, thank you very much for the information. What happens if the person doesn't come to pick it up?
    7. hmmmm... I'm not quite sure. You may want to call the post office directly with that question. I haven't seen COD used much.
    8. Hmm, I'll look into that. Thank you very much, Minami.
    9. I think its the same as non-delivery...eventually, after some weeks, it will be sent back to you, at which time I think it would be fair to assume you could just sell the items.
    10. but then wouldn't the sender be stuck with the shipping fees?
    11. It also makes me wonder how long USPS would hold the package for her to come pay the fees for.
    12. She's in a group order I'm running and she hasn't gotten back to me.
    13. I'm going to ask the post office these questions come tomorrow afternoon, after work. I'll be sure to give everyone the information.

      @ Avacado: Eek, so it's not just me. :X
    14. hinoto is now Being Paged. Please update this thread with any resolution. Thanks!
    15. Any update on this transaction?
    16. I've sent two more emails and there's still no response.

      The post office is not being very kind as far as the CoD is concerned. I keep going there asking and this one particular manager says there's no such thing as a CoD anymore and that the USPS website is out-of-date. And I've been reluctant to go back because of how mean the person was to me.

      My mother said to go back and ask for the supervisor or do it online, but real life has really gotten in the way. I apologize for not keeping this thread updated
    17. Here are links to the USPS info about it.{9d114010-3f06-11dd-68b7-000000000000}&event=1&view()=c%7B1e76cd80-57e2-11dc-51b6-000000000000%7D&objectId=&eksObjectId=&objectType=Case&isJumpEnabled=false&isContentJumpEnabled=false&vendorKey=&objTitle=&versionId=741

      Basically you guarantee postage for return of the item if the person you are shipping to doesnt pick it up. There are also fees for this service, but I didnt go looking for them.

      Good Luck
    18. I live in the same town as Hinoto, unfoutunatly, i only met her once, at our last meet-up in march, and i'm not sure of where she lives with-in the town. She's a very sweet person, and i'm really hoping nothing happened to her. Please PM me if i can be of any help. I'll try my best.
    19. Has there been any resolution on this?
    20. I have sent the item to the address hinoto gave me at the beginning of the Group Order via COD. Sorry it took so long.