Resolved Paging Hitomifrens -RESOLVED

Nov 22, 2011

    1. I really hate to do this. Hitomifrens is very nice, and I know she's busy with school and finals right now. I completely understand! But this commission has gone on far too long.

      On September 3rd I sent $35 (plus fees) to Hitomifrens. This was a partial payment ($35 out of $70) to do a face up and body blushing on my Soom Heliot head and hooves. On September 12th she confirmed that the parts arrived safely and began to work on them. On October 4th I received preview pictures of the head. On October 13th I received preview pictures of the hooves. I had a few changes, but otherwise liked what she was doing. Hitomifrens confirmed the changes and kept working on my parts.

      Emails from Hitomifrens have been sporatic at best. Trying to get those preview pictures was like pulling teeth. The last time I heard from her was on November 3rd, stating she had finalized pictures to show me. I still haven't received them.

      Hitomifrens - Again, I completely understand that school is keeping you busy. However, if you really are that busy you shouldn't have been open to commissions. This has been going on for nearly 3 months. If you don't have Heliot complete to my specifications by November 30th:

      1. I want a full refund of my initial $35 deposit plus fees.
      2. I want you to wipe whatever you've already done.
      3. I want you to pay to ship back my pieces. I want them fully insured, just like they were when I sent them to you.

      - I initially contacted Hitomifrens via PMs on DoA. The conversations have since been moved to email to make things easier. I can provide a copy of the emails if need be.
    2. I sent Hitomifrens an email letting her know this thread exists and asking her to respond. For what it's worth her commission thread is here.
    3. Hitomifrens was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Hitomifrens has agreed to the conditions in my first post. Yesterday she emailed me saying she should be able to get the pieces in the mail today.
    5. Hitomifrens refunded my $35 and shipped back my parts yesterday. I'll update this again when the parts arrive.
    6. All my parts arrived today, safe and sound and fully insured.. As promised I've left neutral feedback in her thread. I consider this matter to be resolved.