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Paging hykuwl - RESOLVED

Feb 15, 2010

    1. I really didn't want to do that, but right now I just have no other choice.
      I've bought an old Dollshe Hound from hykuwul on layaway.
      Some back story of our deal: For several weeks communication was rather smooth. I made my last layaway payment on December 28, 2009. After that I had no answer from hykuwl for more than a week and finally contacted her via e-mail (it was January 7). Well there was New Year, so that explained the lack of communication... But she promised to ship my boy asap and dissapeared once again for a week. On January 15 she answered my message with apology (she had problems with reaching computer and internet) and tracking, stating that the doll was shipped on January 8. She shipped him with Priority International - now it takes a lot more time to arrive than usual. So I was waiting patiently for the doll, as I know it takes about one month for packaged from USA to arrive here.
      But right now it seems that my package is lost (may be!). Or probably it's on its way back to hykuwul, because of some mistake in my address (which I don't know). The problem is - I can't contact her. Last time she was here on January 30th, and she doesn't answering my e-mails. I desperately need to contact her, as my post office asks for a scanned copy of a postal slip (to check the address and write request for search). Or at least tell her that she might get the doll back! Please, may be somebody knows her and may contact her?
      I don't need money or anything, I just want my doll be safe, thats all :doh
    2. hykuwl was last on the forum 29JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I'm very sorry it seems I had not contacted you- I replied to your email but it must have bounced back without my realization.
      I have PMed seliah with a photobucket link to shipping label photos. As these photos include personal information I have password protected them, and provided seliah the password.
    4. hykuwl contacted me today with copies of shipping waybill. I hope our communication will get better from now on! So I think this thread might be closed for now.
    5. Resolved with the help of sent documents! Please close ^___^