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paging ih8billg8ts - MEMBER BANNED

Feb 10, 2009

    1. She sent me a Julia in November that was missing her blanket. She claimed to have mailed out the blanket but I never received it. At the end of December I emailed her and asked if I could send the doll back for a refund and she said yes. I sent the doll back the first week of January and have still not received the refund. She stopped answering my emails about a week ago.

      Angela/ih8billg8ts owes me $300 for Julia but will not respond to emails or texts messages. I tried the paypal claim but it's well outside of their 45 day window so they were not able to help me.
    2. She is now in the Unresolved Transactions group. She was last on this board 23NOV08.
    3. Thanks Zagzagael, what happens next?
    4. digital_grrl79 ~ As I'm sure you're aware, the moderators of Den of Angels cannot and do not get involved in Marketplace transactions. Your situation appears to be....very bad. In light of the fact that this member has been absent from the forum for nearly three months, you might consider continuing to bump this thread in the hopes that a member who knows her will be able to contact either her or you or both parties.

      I will pm you.
    5. :bump paging anyone who might know Angela
    6. This is Angela responding and funds were reversed to buyer for the pig doll. I am sorry for any confusion I have not been online much at all due to having personal issues. When I did get the pig I went to paypal but it was beyond the days for me to be able to reverse the transaction so I emailed paypal and I just assumed that it would be taken care of. I do still have the pig and have not tried to defraud anyone. When I found out the funds had not been refunded by paypal I did send another request to refund. Again I am deeply sorry for any problems.
    7. digital_grrl79 ~ Is this transaction now resolved?
    8. The only way I got my money back was to file the fraud with my credit card. Angela NEVER responded to my emails, PMs, texts, or phone calls. The transaction was resolved but not by the seller, by my credit card after much extra work from me to provide them with information for their investigation.