Paging Indigestion.. - RESOLVED

Mar 27, 2009

    1. As much as this hurts me in making this thread, but I have to do it to receive atleast contact from her.

      I had bought a narsha girl in DoA in early february, the doll needed a faceup, and since I have worked with Indigestion.. before then I thought in commisioning her. ( the doll was sent on the 11th or 10th by the person I bought narsha from, I asked the seller to send the doll to indigestion.. since we all lived in europe and it was easier to just ship the doll out to the faceup artist)

      then by february 24th she messages me that she had to re-do the doll, I was fine with it since it had to be done.

      then she later ships her out on March 13th, and since then I have not received her. also, I did not see pictures of the faceup. she said she had forgotten to take pics so I believed her since I have dealt with her and she was great faceup wise, so I expected the faceup to be great like the previous she's made me.

      well, since I currently lived in denmark a few months, (returning back to my home tomorrow) I thought I could receive her while being here in europe, since packages here doesn't take long to arrive, She had told me that the PO in her hometown are abit slow since its a small town, and I understand it. but I do not think it can take two weeks to receive a doll when I received a doll head from her in 3 days, and my girlfriend also received a doll head from her in a week.

      I have been asking her these two weeks for a tracking number to have proof that the package was sent so I can go to the post office here in my city and ask of any packages that has arrived, the thing is my PO doesn't help as long I have a tracking, I've been trying to contact pej but I receive no type of contact or tracking number, I understand some personal issues has popped up with her so I tried to take it easy with the shipping but now it has been too long and I'm already living tomorrow and still no communication from her. I've seen her online in deviant art and also msn, but I have no contact at all.

      I just want to receive some sort of contact, even tho I'm leaving to Puerto rico, I want to know atleast my doll is safe and not lost..and if she is lost then I would like to have communication with her to discuss of a re-fund..this hurts me to ask because she is a friend of mine, but Please Pej, please contact me =( this is not to offend you, but I need some sort of contact from you.. I hope your fine.
    2. everything has been re-solved happily ^_^ it was all a mistake from the local post office in my city. DX please delete or lock the thread!