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Paging Indigestion - RESOLVED

Jun 23, 2010

    1. I don`t want to do this but I have to...I send Pej my Luts Regen head for a faceup commission a while ago. After a few days I got a response from her that the faceup is ready but she made a mistake one one of the MSC layers and she couldn`t do it again because her boyfriend is in the hospital and she wants to stay by his side.
      But she said that she will send the head back to me. That was on monday the 14th June`10. The Netherlands are really close to Germany so I thought that I recieve the head really fast.

      On thursday I started to worry about the head and asked her if she really send the head away on monday. But no response from her. Today its wednesday and DHL or TNT never need more than 5 days to deliver a package from the Netherlands....I`m really worried because I move to another country on Sunday and I really want my head back because he is my dream head and I had to save money for him for a long time...
    2. Indigestion was last on the forum 14JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I got a message from her that she will try to find out where the head is. Because she definitive send the head away.
    4. This is her last message I got "Hey Christine,

      I am so, so sorry about this.
      But I havn't replied because I was at the hospital all the time!
      I'm going to find out where your head is today, I will reply ASAP!

      I'm so sorry! T_T


      I got this message 6 days ago...I`m still frustrated because I want my doll head back =____=
    5. Still no updates. I want my Regen head back =___= If the head got lost in the post it shouldn`t be a problem to get the money back from the shipping company if the package was insured.
    6. The package with the head and some gifts arrived at home in Germany yesterday. So please close this thread. Thank you!