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Apr 23, 2012

    1. I'm having a lot of trouble getting ahold of you,dear.
      I don't know if you are just not getting my messages or what.
      If you could respond,explaing what's going on right now,that would be amazing.
    2. Invie was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Finally got ahold of her. Thank you. =3
    4. Look,this has to stop. This is the final straw and page.
      I would like my heads sent home.
      I have pm'd you several times recently offering to help and to check on you,with no response at all. I even sent a message asking for you to send them home and I attech the magnets myself. But,again,no response. I don't like being told that they will be mailed to me within a week once a week every month and then being ignored.
      Needless to say this is an ultimatium,please reply back to me with a tracking number within a week (7 days) or I am opening a Probelm Transaction thread to push this more.
      I hate doing this,but I think I have been more than leniate.
    5. Invie was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    6. There has been no response from her at all. =/
    7. Still no response from her on the forums or personal email. I have also seen no activity on her blog or her flickr either. =/
      Can we up this to probelm transaction,Mods?
    8. No action needs to be taken to change this to a Problem Transaction. Please keep the thread updated.
    9. Hi (sorry for my poor english)
      I am in transaction with Invie too. but i am not as buyer but as a shopping service for Alchemic Labo, i will recevied soon her 3 Face plate and ordering 5 other face plate for her !

      Last month she said to me (if i remember exactly), she is busy and she can't reply easily !

      Today, i wanted to PMed her about re-opening of webshop Alchemic labo to ordering her 5 face plate.
      She already paid me. so for me, she is honest, isn't she ? just this mail for reassure !

      I hope my message is clear ;) cause my poor english!

    10. You should be fine since it seems that I am the one is having probelms with her. Tomorrow will two weeks since the page and I have had no response via doa or through email. =/ has her email changed or anything? To my knowledge,she's hasn't been online here since the 8th and I know noone that knows her personally to help out.
    11. I haveseen she is connected. But she doesn't reply to me. I will refund her and i have no adress to send the rest of FP of her. Why she doesnt reply to me ? It is for her, not for me. That take a time to worry about her transaction and i prefered a good communication. Really want that finished soon too.
    12. I have had no replys from her at all in over a month. =/ I just want my girls home. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE PROBELM IS SINCE IVE ALREADY PAID FOR THEM IN FULL. And I know they are finished too. Is there in other alternatives I can do to help with this situation?
    13. Tomorrow marks the 3rd week since the page was placed and I have had no response at all. Can someone try getting in contact with her for me?
    14. If this transaction hits a year,I would like to be recompensated in full. I'm at the point of just buying new heads completely. =/

      In other news,there has been no contact from her.
    15. Invie was last on the forum 17JUN.
    16. I just wanted to add to this thread that there is also a group order in process being hosted by Invie for Leekeworld Spring Limited colors. There are 7 participants, with Invie included, that are waiting for status of their order. We have sent PMs and emails to her Paypal email address with no repsonse. We assume that the order was shipped from Leeke to Invie by now but we really need an update from Invie so we can get our items shipped to the GO members.
    17. Thank you for adding. I'm hoping that we can get in touch with her soon and get everything resolved happily.
    18. I am part of the GO for the Leekeworld Spring Limited colors, and another participant was able to contact members who had met with Invie to pick up their items from Group 1, as our GO was split into 3 groups. It seems that Invie may be away in Italy. Unfortunately, if this is true, was never mentioned.

      I'm afraid we are stuck waiting until Invie returns, hopefully soon.
    19. Wow,that is interesting. If you hear anything about her whereabouts,please let me know. I've been trying to contact her for over two months and she's had my commissions for almost a year now. =/
    20. i have a last message last week but now again she doesn't reply and i need her adress today or she wait until September for ship her Faceplate from Alchemic Labo ! I really want finished my all transactions before go to Paris for one month...