Resolved Paging IpLemons - RESOLVED

Apr 19, 2012

    1. I really, really hate to have to do this, but I have given this person several warnings. :(

      In February I saw that IpLemons had a sales thread for a damaged Fairyland MNF Ruth. Me always keeping an eye out for a good restoration project, I messaged IpLemons concerning the possibility of a short layaway on February 15th.

      She said she had a few other offers, but eventually we agreed to $260 via a maximum three month layaway plan.
      Here is a screenshot of the messaged I sent on the day I sent my first payment/deposit of $40 on February 22nd:

      I received a short confirmation that they had received this first payment at February 23rd.

      On February 29th, I sent out the second payment for $40.

      I did not have contact with IpLemons until March 19th, when I was ready to send out the next payment.
      I had noticed in our transactions that their paypal account was listed as unverified, and wanted to be certain this was of no concern and that they were still receiving payments without issue.

      I was told they were still receiving payments, shown her:

      Two days later, after a little financial finagling, I was able to pay off my balance of $180 on March 22nd:


      A week after this message, I had not received any word of the doll being shipped, so on March 28th I sent a message asking when it might be.


      Two days later I received a reply:


      I told them that was fine, just to please get it shipped out whenever they could.
      However I didn't hear from them for yet another week, and it wasn't until the April 5th did I receive this message:


      Once again I said that was fine, wished them the best, etc, to keep things are cordial as possible.

      However another week goes by and I still haven't heard anything, so on April 11th I sent yet another message asking when they might possibly get the doll shipping:


      I did not hear from them, despite IpLemons having been active during this entire time. It fast approaching a month since I paid off this doll, the small window of opportunity I have to file a Paypal claim is closing and all ready even if I did I'd still be out $180, so here is the next message that, hopefully, describes my full stance on this matter:


      That was five days ago, and I haven't heard a word from IpLemons since April 5th.

      While I had said if they didn't refund or ship the doll within a week, having not even heard a response from them despite their activity is a little unneverving, and last night I sent yet another message, telling them that I would be making this thread:


      Honestly, this is just too much gripe to go through for a damaged doll. There is no reason to take a month to ship it, especially when we had agreed it to be shipped unstrung and they had well over a month to get it ready for shipping...

      I am aware that their sales thread states that their shipping schedule is irregular, however it also says that they will ship within 3 to 5 business days. Considering it is well past that, with the accompanied lack of communication one all my payments had been sent, is another reason I am making this thread.

      At this point there are only two things I want: the doll to be shipped immediately with tracking and insurance, or a full refund of the $260 if IpLemons would find this option easier, since clearly they're too busy to make a stop at the post office to drop off the package and, apparently, don't have anyone who can assist them.
    2. IpLemons was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. I have opened a paypal claim on my last transaction of $180 with IpLemons, so in the absolute worst case scenario I will have "only" paid $180 for nothing but emotional and financial turmoil and frustration.
    4. I sent an email to both emails attached to the paypal transactions, as I've still not heard from IpLemons.

      If anyone has another way of contacting her, it'd really help, if that's okay I ask. ;(

      I don't have AIM nor is it compatible with my computer, so I'm a little stuck as far as contacting them through that on their profile.
    5. He was shipped yesterday morning out with freebies as a sorry since I was being negligent by not sending sooner.
    6. Yup, he arrived today! Thank you for the freebies. I considered this matter fully resolved, and will link back to this thread when I leave feedback.