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Paging iwakikatou - RESOLVED

Aug 8, 2010

    1. I am opening this thread in an effort to contact iwakikatou. I must stress that she has done nothing wrong, but I see she has not been on the 30th June so I am a little worried about her and need to check she's OK.

      She is currently buying two heads from me and 75% of the total cost has already been paid. She only owes a small balance plus shipping and I have PM'd her several times with the balance owed. If anyone has heard from her recently can you please ask her to PM me. I know she was eager to complete the transaction, hence my concern.

      Again I want to stress that this is not a complaint, merely an effort to get in touch with her :)
    2. mrslovett ~ I'm not finding this member - can you link me to her profile?
    3. Thanks - the search is not working for me with her name! iwakikatou was last on the forum 30JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    4. T-T Big sorry to you!!! We have changed internet from "alice" to "kabeldeutschland" I could not get online for many weeks!!! I am sorry that I made you worry all T-T
    5. wow O.o as I can see Internet is working in the right moment. you have started this thread yesterday. I am happy!^^b
    6. Iwakikatou has just PM'd me. I'm just pleased everything is OK with her and it was only lack of internet :)

      Thanks so much for your help Zagzagael. This thread can now be closed. ^^