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Paging Jae - RESOLVED

Nov 20, 2008

    1. Here's what has happened thus far:

      I told Jae I wanted to buy her Narae doll. FYI-total cost for this doll-$610.00.

      10/31/08: She sends me a paypal invoice for the total amount to be paid and says "I'll send you the doll next thursday if I receive the money this week-end." (10/31/08 was a Friday.) I sent payment on this same day.

      11/1/08: I get an email from PayPal telling me Jae has accepted my payment.

      11/2/08, 11/3/08 and 11/6/08: I sent Jae a PM on each of these days asking (1) if my payment was received okay (2) if she meant my doll would be mailed Thursday 10/6/08 and (3) to see if she HAD been mailed.

      11/12/08: Finally got a response back that read "Hello Crissy,
      Sorry for the late answer but I hadn't the net since past monday.
      I'll send the doll today afternoon so I'll get you the tracking number friday because I won't have the net tomorrow.
      I'm soory for the little delay."

      11/17/08: I sent another PM to Jae because I DID NOT receive a tracking number like I was promised.

      Now today is 11/19/08 and I have no response from her, no tracking number and no doll.

      I know EMS shipping usually take 3-5 days and if the doll was mailed last Thursday it should be here, seeing as tomorrow is Thursday so that would be 7 days. I know things can slow shipping down and if I had a tracking number I wouldn't have to worry.

      I paid 10/31/08, its now 11/19/08, that is a long time to be waiting for a $600.00 doll in my opinion. Plus, there has been virtually no communication AFTER I paid, communication before I paid was on a daily basis.

      I am not accusing Jae of anything, I just REALLY REALLY need her to contact me so I can have piece of mind. And I don't know what else to do!! I have tried using email as well. I am going to PM her and email her again when I am done writing this.

      I will update with any new info.
    2. perfectly_pink ~ Jae is now Being Paged, she was last on the forum 12NOV. Please do keep your thread updated!
    3. Still no tracking number and no doll. I have opened a paypal dispute in hopes to get some sort of response. If I don't get a response or my doll in 1 week I will escalate my dispute to a claim to try and get my money back. Will update more as I know more.
    4. Okay, I got a tracking number but it says it was just mailed today. Hmm..well, we'll see.
    5. This post can be marked resolved. The doll arrived today. Thanks.