Paging Jeanemon - Did you want your Ttori head back - SEMI-RESOLVED

Jan 9, 2008

    1. Just trying to get a hold of Jeanemon... I've had her little Ttori head for quite some time, and he's all finished and painted, and I'm really hoping Jeanemon wants him back.

      I've sent quite a few PMs, tried emailing Jeanemon, but no response.

      I really understand if she can't pay for the faceup and repairs right now -- that's not the issue at all. I can certainly hold tight to him until she's able to pay... it's the fact that the PMs are going un-answered, even though she's on Den of Angels quite a few times a day. :\

      Jeanemon, please, if you see this, just send me a PM letting me know what's going on. I truly don't mind waiting for you to pay -- honestly.
    2. o_0 I sent you an email back, unless I fail at Email. Which I wouldn't put it past myself. Every time I try to get into my PM box my browser refuses to load. Would you mind emailing me how much I owe you for both the repairs and the faceup, and I'll try not to suck so bad? XD

      WTF, my reply's not even in my sent mail file. What did I do, not send it?

      I fail. Sorry.
    3. No, it's okay! I'll send them again, as well as through email. If you have any problems, try emailing me directly at: digikym[@]

    4. Bumping this up -- sent another PM as well as another email, yet no response again. Waiting for both payment and an email or PM response.
    5. No payment yet and no responses to emails since last Wednesday.
    6. No word from Jeanemon since the 15th, when she said that her bank would not allow her to transfer enough funds to cover the faceup. She said that she would send a money order, but when I inquired as to when, as I know some things can get lost in the mail, I still haven't received a response.

      Last contact was on the 15th.

      I'll try emailing her again this week.
    7. I sent another email to Jeanemon two days ago -- no reply. No activity on DoA since the 15th, which is the last I heard from her stating that she would send a money order out.

      Could a mod please advise what I should do? I really don't want to keep this head and I'd like to be paid for my services.
    8. Still no reply. I don't think this has ever happened to anyone...getting stuck with someone's head because someone cannot pay (or refuses to pay).

      Can someone, anyone give me any advice as to what I should do? I feel bad holding onto the head, but then again, I would like to be paid for my services and time. It's a really cute head... :\

      Bah. So frustrating.
    9. Actually, it has happened to me.;_; In fact I still have the person's CP Minifee head in my possession to this day.^^; I simply never heard back from her after making several attempts to contact her via pm and email. I started a paging thread here as well. I'm really not sure what else you can do at this point. I'd love to know too.^^;
    10. You and I have some bad luck girl, I swear... *laughs* Well, maybe our wayward guests can commiserate together.

      How long have you had your head? From what I recall, it's been at least six months for you.
    11. Oh, it's completely finished.



      Trust me, if I could just send back an un-painted head, I would. And I really don't want to wipe the faceup, because that would just be such a waste of my time (and even more materials).
    12. Still no word from Jeanemon. It's been 11 days since her last contact.
    13. I'm sure you're aware that this member has not been on the board for nearly two weeks. Perhaps you're going to have to just wait to see if she does eventually contact you? Or bump this once a week?
    14. It's been well over a week, so I think it's safe to bump this.
    15. I feel safe in offering this advice. I was a professional instrument repair tech for 10 years. Sometimes, inexplicably, someone would just NOT come back to get their instrument. After a 2 months passed, we sold it to a local school for the cost of the repairs that were done, made a record of all the attempts to contact in case the person ever came back, which happened only once. So, my advice is to try to contact about once a week, and after 2 months, its yours to do with what you will to recover the cost of the repairs/face-up. I would send your next PM/e-mail indicating this to be the case, put one of those return-receipts on the e-mail so you know she got it, that she needs to pay within 60 days or at least make a layaway effort in that time, or you will sell the head to recover the costs.
    16. 1/15/08 - Contacted Jeanemon after she stated she would send money order for payment. No reply was sent.

      1/21/08 - Contacted Jeanemon again, requesting when she sent the money order out. No reply was sent.

      1/28/08 - Another email, trying to contact Jeanemon. Requesting where the money order was, when was it sent out. No reply was sent.

      2/4/08 - Sent Jeanemon an email stating she had 24 hours to reply to that message, or I was going to place head up for sale with a base price of $50 to earn my cost back.

      2/6/08 - Gave Jeanemon 48 hours to reply. No reply from was sent.

      2/7/08 - Original owner expressed interest in purchasing the head. Wrote Jeanemon another email, stating that if she did not reply by 3:00 PM EST, I would continue with transaction, and will be glad to give her the difference from the payment and my cost.

      8:00 PM - Wrote another email stating she has 48 hours to contact me, and I will paypal her the difference. Will give her until Saturday, 8:00 PM to respond. If she does not respond, I will consider this transaction closed and leave her negative feedback for failure to communicate and pay for my services.
    17. Have you emailed her and given her your phone number!! sometimes the OLD fashioned way is the best way! Her emails seems to work. That way it can't be put down to an internet pm issue.

    18. That's exactly what I've done. PMs don't seem to work, and I long since gave up on those. I've been trying her email, which she hasn't been checking either.
    19. Have not heard from Jeanemon -- have sold the head to a previous owner as stated in emails to Jeanemon.

      Please close this paging thread as "Somewhat Resolved". I will proceed to leave feedback in Jeanemon's feedback thread.
    20. Not that it matters now, but I have a lot of people on my LJ friends list with jeanemon on theirs, and a few days ago, I asked if anyone had heard from her and could pass on this info. I didn't get any response, which I take as a no. But I did try.

      I like the faceup you did on the head, BTW. Glad it's going back to a good home.