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Paging Jerrysugarav - RESOLVED

Nov 1, 2009

    1. Paging Jerrysugarav! It is my first time dealing with her and everything went well up to the point where she was suppose to supply me with a tracking number on the 28th of Oct. It's been 5 days since she said she had sent out my Doll via EMS, which means the doll will be arriving on Monday. But I have yet to receive any tracking information. I need that number NOW!

      I don't want to have to do this, but I live in an apartment building with strict security, I will not be receiving a "sorry we missed you card" if delivery takes place when I'm not home. So I won't even be able to rescue my doll from the PO without the actual tracking number. I'm usually very patient and lenient provided that good reasons are given for late responses and lack of communications, and that I'm being kept up-to-date with what's going on, even if thing were running very late. However, despite my tolerant nature, my current transaction with Jerrysugarav is quickly shaping up to be a Problem transaction.

      Here's a detailed breakdown of what happened, dates according to Australian time-zone.

      On the 14th of Oct I saw Jerrysugarav's WTT thread. She wants a rengemaru for her kanon. I Pm'ed her, asking if she would sell the doll instead.

      On the 17th of Oct, she replied and was nice enough to sell Kanon to me for $600 USD without her wig and eyes. I accepted her terms and asked for an EMS quote.

      On the 19th of Oct, she replies and gave me a rought total of $630 USD shipping inclusive and that she would refund me the difference or cover the extra. And that she'll have the girl shipped out to me no later than Wednesday that week. So I sent her the full payment as a personal payment per her request on that day. I also sent my confirmed shipping address in a PM to her after completion of payment.

      On the 21st of Oct, after hearing nothing back from her for 2 days, I sent her another PM, asking if she's shipped the doll and requested for the tracking number.

      On the 22nd of Oct, she replies, saying that she had packed the girl, only to realize that there was no shipping information attached to the paypal receipt due to the money being received as personal payment. She said that she will have Kanon sent the day after if I can send her the shipping info. So I sent her the shipping info again, thinking that I might have forgotten it the first time, even though I didn't.

      Than I heard nothing from her for 5 days, although she was actually active on the 23rd but she didn't bother to let me know whether or not she's shipped the doll.

      So on the 25th of Oct, after 3 days of no words from her, I sent her a polite nudge, telling her that if she needs more time I'm okay with it, she just have to let me know. Also got no reply to that PM.

      On the 26th of Oct, being too anxious and worried, I sent her yet another PM, hoping that the forum had eaten all my previous messages that she would see this one and reply. Didn't receive a reply. I also tried leaving messages on thread she's started where she had recent activities. Not a word of reply.

      On the 27th of Oct, being finally fed up with the lack of communication, I sent an e-mail to her paypal e-mail address, stating that I will be okay with it if she needs more time, but she needs to keep me informed. And that if I don't receive a reply from her in 2 days, I will be forced to open a Paging thread for her.

      On the 28th of Oct, she replies and explains that shipping was more expensive than she anticipated and she had to wait for funds to move from paypal into her bank account. And that the girl was shipped the day before that (which for my time zone means the 27th of Oct). But she couldn't produce the tracking for now because she had left the shipping docket at work. Andwill be send it to me once she gets to work. Up on seeing this, I quickly replied and offered to reimburse her for her looses on account of shipping, since I felt bad about pursuing her constantly for updates. But she did not reply to my e-mail after that.

      On the 30th of Oct, feeling the anxiety building on and on, I e-mailed her again, politely asking for the tracking number because I'd like to be home for the delivery. got no reply to that.

      On the 31st of Oct, seeing the potential delivery date drawing nearer, with no tracking number on hand, the situation looks very bad. I sent her another e-mail, demanding the tracking number. Received no reply to that, even till now.

      At this rate, I don't think I will be able to leave a positive feedback for her, even if the doll turns up perfectly wrap and what not. I have every right to be updated through this shopping experience and all I'm getting is silence. I don't think I can be patient for much longer, it is deeply upsetting and unnerving. This wasn't some layaway that took too long. I paid up front in full, without a split second of hesitation, yet this is what I'm getting in return for my good will.

      I don't want to be nasty or a demanding bitch, but I'm entitled to know the whereabouts of MY doll. I've never had negative shopping experiences in the MP and this one is certainly not shaping up to be a good one.
    2. Received e-mail from Jerrysugarav, with proof of postage purchase through paypal, however she seems to have misplaced the tracking number. So will update this thread once the parcel arrives.
    3. Doll arrived today. In condition as described, with accessaries as promised. Transaction is complete and resolved.