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Paging Jesmoth - RESOLVED

Oct 5, 2008

    1. I hate to have to do this, but I was advised by a mod that it would probably be the best course of action to take. :( I was told that you have been on DoA after I sent you a PM and you've been updating your blog on what seems to be a daily basis. I considered contacting you there, but I figure that I'd just go this route instead.

      I would just like to know if you received my last PM and what you have done. I'd really love to see pictures, as you promised on August 1st. I really don't mind if it takes you a long time to finish up with my heads, I already said that I didn't want you to rush with them. I just would like some solid communication along the way. I know sometimes things come up, but a few minutes used to send someone a PM won't hurt anyone. You could just say: "Well, I'm not finished with all of them, but I have finished a couple. I know that you probably want to see what I have done, but I can't take pictures now. I'll PM you again when I can." Even though I'm not getting anything tangible, such as pictures, I'm getting peace of mind. I know what's going on and where things stand.

      I basically have no clue and my heads have been gone since June. I just really want to know what's going on and see how they look as well as get the estimation that I asked for at the beginning.

      I understand that life gets busy and I don't want you to think I'm picking on you. Just put your place in my position... how would you feel? If your heads were gone away to be worked on, wouldn't you want to be informed? It's October now so I think that I've been more than patient thus far.

      Please, if anyone knows how to get a hold of her, could you let her know that I'd like to hear from her? I'd really appreciate some type of contact soon. She can either PM me or send me an email at: ukesandmaynard@aol.com.

      Thank you~
    2. Forbidden ~ In order to Page Jesmoth, we need a few more DoA-related details. First, what is the transaction, commissioned face-ups? How many heads, when did you send them? Did you commission Jesmoth through this forum? Thanks!
    3. Oh, I apologize for the lack of details. I wasn't too sure of what was necessary.

      I commissioned Jesmoth to do faceups on six of my heads, as well as an eye opening on one of them. I did commission her through this forum. We ironed out all of the details through PMs and I mailed my heads via EMS on June 11th, 2008. Tracking states that they arrived in Finland on June 16th, 2008. However, she missed the delivery and didn't actually pick them up from customs until July 3rd, 2008.

      If any more details are needed, let me know.
    4. Forbidden, is there any way to make your posts in a darker colour? It's really hard to read to see if anyone has any useful information.
    5. Ladyrixx: I can't go back and edit my older posts because of the rule. However, from this point forward I will use a darker colour.

      I have a slight update. I posted a message to Jesmoth's blog as suggested by others and despite me having posted to her blog, she posted a new entry without replying to my comment, which I'm pretty sure that she saw. However, I know that I could be wrong and perhaps she hasn't seen it. It's just a little frustrating and I hate feeling like I'm being ignored. I also noticed that the entry I posted the comment to had another post by someone else who commissioned her and was trying to get contact with her. :(

      The message I posted clearly stated who I was and what I was commenting for:

      I'm hoping that she just has not seen my comment yet. I don't know if LiveJournal users get email notifications of comments or not so I won't jump to conclusions just yet.
    6. That really makes me sad because I really want to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that there is a chance she didn't see my comment or didn't receive my PM or hasn't been online here at DoA to see the paging thread.

      My heads have been there since July and I have no photos or anything. I don't know which heads have been completed and which heads haven't even been started yet. I don't even know when she's online here on DoA because she's invisible. My last PM had a read receipt. I sent that on September 24th, 2008, it remains unconfirmed even though Junkets told me she was online on the 28th when I initially expressed my concerns about the lack of contact. Did she not get it or just not read it?

      What's more is, the other person posting on LiveJournal sent their head to her on September 19th and she replied that she already started working on it and will send a picture when she's done. Now, if she's free to work on other heads, I would at least like to know what the status of my own heads are.

      She does beautiful work, which is why I can't understand why she would be this way. Why would she risk her own reputation as an artist by not contacting those that have commissioned her. Really, it's sad. This was my first overseas commission and it's leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.
    7. At this point I'm inclined to think that I am blatantly being ignored. Not only did she post a new entry without replying to my previous comment, but she also replied to all three comments on that new entry. :( I left another comment, this time on the new entry, but I guess there's really nothing else I can do.

      I'm very saddened and disappointed by this behaviour...
    8. I sent Jesmoth two unoa faceplates in the beginning of July.

      07-22-2008 she answered a PM I sent her asking about my heads that they had arrived. She said she would PM me the details the next day. This PM never came. The next time I heard from her was 08-15-2008, when she answered a PM I had sent her requesting updates with apologies that she had not had time to do anything yet. The delay was no problem, but the fact that after that point she never answered my PMs on DoA after this is. After not having heard anything for almost a month, I posted in her blog on the 09-15-2008 (http://jejes.livejournal.com/47161.html), requesting updates. She answered immediately, with more apologies that the faces had not been painted.

      09-26-2008 Jesmoth sent me the first pictures of my faceplates. I requested a few changes when I saw the face plates the next day, but it does not seem like she has recieved my email. I tried to send it again 06-10-2008, and has now posted to her blog again without getting an answer.

      All I want is an answer to when my heads are coming home.
    9. Hi, this is a copy paste of my answer to your other message:

      Hi, all you're heads are almost finished here, and I'll be taking pictures as soon as they're fully finished as I promised in the last PM. I'll write to you right away, but however, I have to mention that I haden't yet noticed that you'd comment my blog, so it must've been very resently, because I do answer those allways. I just don't get info of new replies from my dolljournal so it might take a day or two for me to notice them, or the latest untill the next update. I apologise deeply from my heart for that.
      Also, I'm having two other comissioners from DoA contacting me through email, but I haven't seen your emails, because I would have answered those too. I suspect they might have gone to my trashfilter for whatever reason, and I haven't realised to chek that for just incase. I feel terrible for this as well.
      This said, I didn't feel the need to contact you untill I'd have the promised pictures to show, and of course, if I'd got your inqueries, I would've replied you with info of the situation.
      I apologise with passion for this inconviniense, and I will contact you right away.

      Feather, for you, I just cheked my mail to see if there's something in the trashcan that shoudn't be there, it'd been cleaned due timelimit, but I'd received an info from hotmail telling my last sent message to you failed, and I'd thought it was just regular hotmailjunkmail. I'm sorry for that and I will try to resend the email with the picture of the fixed face up right away.

      This is all to school making me very busy for a weeks last two months that I didn't see coming, and also getting overbooked at my parttimejob, so most of my comissionwork got delayd because of that and I haven't had time to see DoA either. I feel terrible and sad for these conditions and misunderstanding, and I hope you for your forgiveness and understanding in the matter.
      As an apology for your inconvinence I will offer all the work for free for you two. I'm not a scammer by any means, and I wish we can be friendly again.
      Please be waiting my emails soon.
    10. Edit to last post: I read you commented in the previous entry I made in my blog, not my last, and usually I allways check the couple of last entrys incase of late replys when I post the new entry, for some reason apparently I just haden't notice the comment, and this is fully my fault, and I apologise for that.
    11. One more edit: I added my messengeraddress in my userinfo, so that way I can be reached in realitytime if needed when I'm at my computer. I usually don't like to give it out publicly, but I want to add another way of communication here, since it seemes hotmail email can't be fully trusted. Anyone wishing for information of the situation of their comission are free to use it. I will still send the email to you both.
    12. Got your email and replied to it. Thank you. :)
    13. Update: I got my faceplates today, so this is resolved for my part. Thank you. :)
    14. feather ~ thank you for the updated resolution. Forbidden ~ please keep this thread updated, too!
    15. I have been in contact with Jesmoth and she has even recently sent me pictures of two of the six heads that I sent her. As expected, the work is beautiful and I'm very pleased with what I see. She has promised to send more pictures come Monday of the other two that she's close to finishing, so I am looking forward to receiving those.

      She's also been very apologetic for the lack of communication thus far and has been keeping me updated, so I really appreciate that.
    16. Jesmoth has completed work on all six of my heads and they have cleared customs. I expect them to arrive Monday if not tomorrow and I will post again once the package arrives for a final update so that this thread can be closed and marked as "Resolved".
    17. I received my heads on Monday, as expected and I am so in love with them all!! :D Jesmoth did wonderful work on all six of them and despite the lack in communication before this thread was posted, she cooperated with me the whole way afterward. She even refused to charge me for all of the work that she did and sent them back to me at her own expense, which was not cheap at all. :( I appreciate all the hard work that she put into my commissions despite being busy with other things and other commissions.

      This matter has been resolved peacefully and I am quite satisfied. :3nodding: