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Paging jesmoth - RESOLVED

Dec 13, 2010

    1. I didn't especially want to do this, but the communication is starting to become a problem. I sent my Bambicrony Elf Kumi head to jesmoth to receive a face-up. I understand she has been in school and has been busy, but the lack of communication is worrying me.

      The face-up has been complete, and I received pictures on Nov. 23. After I replied with approval (because the face-up is beautiful. jesmoth does wonderful work) I didn't hear back from her until Dec. 1. I was told she was going to stop by the post office the next day to check for shipping prices. Then again I didn't hear back until Dec 8 where she said she had stopped by the post office but wasn't able to get a price yet.

      I messaged her yesterday curious if she was able to get prices yet, but even though she's been on she still hasn't replied.
    2. jesmoth was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hi, all parties PM'd yesterday. meru_kitty has been PM'd about the information needed for the shipping ^^
      I was unable to check the forum properly for a few days until yesterday because of intensive school work, my humble apologies.
      I just realized that it might seem sometimes I've been visiting the forum more often than I really have because I have a habit of leaving interesting pages open in tabs, and when my browser crashes(fairly often) it opens them all automatically again (not completely related to the matter but just came to my mind). It might be a bad habit...

      I'm very very sorry for causing any worry for anyone. I hope this has been resolved, but if there is any other concerns please feel free to PM about them~
    4. Jesmoth contacted me yesterday. All problems have been resolved. Thanks!