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Unresolved paging Jrod1195

Jun 18, 2010

    1. Paging Jrod1195

      Jrod1195 purchased a pair of jeans for $5 from me. i accidentally switched the addresses on two packages, and sent her a clothing set worth $40.
      I asked her to send it back to me so I could send her her items. her mom sent me a PM asking me not to talk to her, and gave me her own e-mail. she said she works to jobs and doesn't have a lot of time to go to the post office, and that she will send it out when she gets around to it.
      I even offered to sell it to her for a discounted price.
      she offered $10 for it. which is to low

      The last time i have her from her was 5/21/10
    2. jrod1195 was last on the forum 24MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Still have not heard from her.
    4. Any resolution with this?
    5. I still have not heard anything from her.

      A few months ago, her mother asked me not to pm her and sent me her email instead.

      I sent her mother an email but I got no response. ><
    6. Thank you Utsumi. Unfortunately she hasn't been back to the forum since May. I'm going to mark this as "unresolved."