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Jan 15, 2008

    1. I am involved in a trade with Jyosi.

      SHe has recieved My rem sooah doll, but has diappeared since telling me she had recieved her doll back from the post office. I have not heard from her since Friday the 11th, and have written to her 3 times. i asked if she could not send the doll as promised if she could please return my doll to me.

      The offered trade was a luts head and disassembled body for a fullset rem sooah. I even gathered the items she requested above the doll itself. I very much hope we can resolve this quickly. ANY HELP is appreciated.

      thank you so much. wendy
    2. I recieved confirmation from DOA that she read my pms on saturdays email or message i sent thru here, but have heard nothing from her. I also see in her other posts she is offering to trade with other members... Please be weary, i am not sure what is going on with her.
      thanks everyone. wendy
    3. You should PM a mod about this- they may be able to change her status to 'being paged', which might help you get in touch with her.
    4. As it hasn't even been a week yet, we think you should give Jyosi a bit more time to respond before we change his/her status to "Being Paged".
    5. OK thanks so much for looking into this. LMK if there is anything else i should be doing on my end. this is the first trade i have had go this way, so please feel free to lmk what else i need to do.
    6. Still Paging Jyosi! Update please!
    7. Twigling, i see her online and she has read my pms but is not responding. Now what do i do? thanks for any advice. wendy
    8. flpinkboxsociety ~ Jyosi has now been "paged." Please keep this thread updated with information and progress!
    9. I don't know if this is any help but I noticed she was being paged and ran a search.
      She started PMing me from 20th January (only totalling 3 messages). She offered a too-good-to-be-true trade consisting of a Delf doll head and body in exchange for one AR body. Godspeed in recovering your property if it is what I think it may be. [​IMG]
    10. thank you celestia. I considered the trade a pretty even one, sadly i dont see the paged icon under her name, but i am pretty new at this. I am hoping others see our little thread here, as something seems fishy. As far as i can gather she is offering everyone her boy, for anything.... So sad, i have had 6 successful trades on DOA. I hope we can save other people from my fate.

      Also Jyosi if you are reading this, i have visited the local magistrate, and will be sending you the proper legal documentation this week if you do not contact me.
      I am posting this here as my emails etc are going inanswered.

      Thanks to all who are helping me with this. wendy
    11. I don't know if this matters to this thread, but Jyosi just PMed me offering to trade her SS-Sooah for the DOT body I have for sale... I think I'm going to decline, after having read this x_x;; I'm glad I looked this up before even considering it...
    12. Jyosi has attempted to create a second username to try to avoid this transaction. As a result, we have given her a Marketplace ban. We have warned her that if she does not complete her outstanding transaction, she will be banned from Den of Angels.

      Please keep us updated as this situation continues.
    13. Starchanchan, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH, as the Soah she is offering you is the one she is supposed to be returning to me because she cannot complete our transaction. I feel terrible about all this. I just wish she would send Sooah back to me if she doesnt want to send me the boy doll she offered.

      Zagzagael, I also cannot thank you enough for following up on all this. I pray i get my doll or a doll back. Like i said i have traded on DOA for a few years, and never had such a hard time.

      I continue to hope Jyosi will come thru. I will definately keep you posted. In the past two weeks, i have asked for a copy of the post office reciept from when she sent the doll, and she cannot provide one.

      As for the pms of the transaction, i dont want to break DOA rules, but i would like to post a pic of the doll she offered to try and protect others if you think it is helpful.
    14. being that i cannot edit my above reply i want to say i asked for a copy of the reciept and she has not provided one. I am not sure if she ever really sent anything or not, but given all the tall tales i am sadly in doubt...

      thanks everyone. wendy
    15. I have pmed her many times now with no response. What is my next step... thanks, i am so sad it has come to this. wendy
    16. Jyosi contacted me about a trade at the beginning of the month. I wasn't interested in trading and told her so, but asked what she had in mind for a trade. I had two heads up for sale at the time (Bliss head with faceup and a blank DZ head), and she hadn't specified what she wanted. She responded that she had an elf Chiwoo mod with a faceup (I assumed just a head) and she "really wanted the bliss head or the dollzone".

      I wasn't interested in trading to begin with, so I told her no, but it did seem odd to me that she didn't have any preference for what she got in the trade as long as she traded. There's quite a bit of difference between the two heads I was selling! But at the time there weren't any other red flags.
    17. flpinkbox, you probably need to contact the police dept in Jyosi's local area and get them to contact her as this would likely be considered theft. I would encourage you do poke around the forum (unfortunately we've had to take Search down for the time being) and see what advice people who were trying to contact the police in a case like this were given. Don't say it's doll, say it is a valuable collectible and things like that.
    18. If you'd like to post the pics she posted of the doll she was trading with you, that would be great so others can watch for them if someone tries to use the same ones.
    19. thank you all very much. here is a pic of my gal i sent to her, she is standing in the black dress.
    20. here is the head, the body was in pieces, a christmas gift she said from her parents..