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Resolved Paging Kaida

Jul 8, 2009

    1. Hello!
      I wouldn't like to open this thread, but I don't have choice.
      I've bought at Kaida head ModElf Vamp Yder 8 June 2009 here:
      Payment has been sent this very day as we're wrote off.
      Here a copy of private messeges:

      HeLa:Hello, dear Kaida!
      Tell please, is this beautiful head still for sale?
      if yes, how much will be the shipping to Russia?
      Thank you!

      Kaida:The head is still up for sale, and the ship would be $12.95 (I would be using a small Flat rate box to ship the head to you ^.^)

      HeLa:OK!!!! that's nice)))
      head (120$) + shipping(12,95$) + 13,3$ (10% for paypal) = 147$, right?
      If yes, I'll send you the address)))
      Thank you!!!!!

      Kaida: yup, that is right, here is my paypal, ---
      Send you the payment!)

      HeLa:Address is same, as on Paypal:
      please, if it's possible, don't remove the eyelashes they're so beautiful...
      When it's arrived, I'll live you a good feedback)

      Will ship out as soon as I can, (I am about to head to class) do not worry about the eyelashes, I will put part of the head in a cup to keep it safe from getting smashed on its trip to you

      In a week I have written to her, but she hasn't answered. Since that moment I've sent to her 4 personal letters with the prevention that I write a negative feedback. I wrote to her e-mail. Reaction hasn't followed. And till now I don't know, that with a head, the seller simply was disappeared.
    2. Kaida was last on the forum 29JUN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Oh, this made my heart sink as I am also awaiting a response from Kaida. If this should go in a new thread then please feel free to move it if you're a mod.

      I'm involved in a swap with Kaida. I paypalled her $100 on May 14th and posted her a Puki on May 16th and waited for the Lahoo she was meant to be sending me. I PMed her to let her know that the Puki was in the mail but have heard nothing from Kaida ever since.

      I've checked with tracking and the Puki was signed for on May 26th as received. I emailed her at her paypal account email on the 6th June saying:-

      Hi, I swapped a Puki plus $100 for your Lahoo in May, I sent off the Puki
      and paypalled the $100 and PMed you through DoA to say when the doll had
      been sent off. This was around the 15th of May

      I haven't heard anything since then and, more worryingly, the Lahoo has
      not arrived here at my end.

      Please can you email me and let me know what is going on.

      I am in the middle of a family health crisis and cannot be online very
      much and I would really appreciate getting this trade settled.

      I look forward to hearing from you,
      best wishes,

      So far I haven't had a reply.

      I also PMed her a few days ago here although she hadn't been on DoA in July. I probably should have chased this up earlier but I've been rushed off my feet at work because my Dad had a stroke at the end of May and I'm having to arrange cover for him coz we work together and I really haven't had time to worry about anything but him and my Mum who is in the middle of chemo. Having finally managed to get some time on DoA and seeing she's being paged I'm getting increasingly worried about my new boy arriving.:atremblin

      If I hear from her I'll post it here.
    4. 2Moulin
      sympathize you=_=
      I jusy don't understand why she do this... she've got a nice feedback
      that's really sad(
    5. Today I open Paypal-dispute about the payment for the head. I'm not sure that it's help, but I can't be idle((
      The problem is actual
    6. Still actually
    7. Resolved^___^
    8. HeLa ~ Please use more detail to explain your resolution.

      Moulin ~ Have you had any resolution?
    9. Zagzagel - Nope, haven't heard anything back and still no sign of the Lahoo I was meant to receive. Still out $100 and a Puki that I sent her. :crushed
    10. Any resolution? And HeLa - when you say this is resolved, do you mean that Paypal refunded you?
    11. oh! I'm sorry for not replay earler=__=
      She's white me the letter with apology and traking number. But she's cunfuse some names, and that's why the reception on post was little hard..
      But now it's OK^^