Paging Kaiser-Serena - RESOLVED

Aug 26, 2009

    1. I would just like my package.

      That being said, I ordered Soom Heliot God Master Hands from Kaiser-Serena's Marketplace split. I paid for them on August 7th by paypal. Communication has been spotty and close to non-existant for the entire transaction. Today is August 25th.

      I have not received the 'promised' "confirmation number" . I have no proof that my package was sent and certainly it has not arrived.

      Kaiser-Serena has not answered my PMs as of August 17th.
    2. I'm posting my displeasure with Kaiser-serena here as well. Like Cat I too have already sent my payment to Kaiser as of the 9th of August for her Heliot Bow & Arrow set. On the 15th we were promised notifications of shipment over that same weekend, according to her thread.

      Not only has she failed to send any such notifications, but she has disappeared from DoA from the 17th until today, for which she was online for about 10 minutes. Certainly enough time to at least update her thread to reflect her problems if there is in fact a legitimate reason for her non-communication.

      She has not acknowledged some of us since the 10th even, post have been made as well as PMs sent to get her attention. She had very good communication with us up until money was exchanged.

      i have attempted communication with her via email, i am awaiting a reply.
    3. Paypal has been notified on my behalf; I expect they will also try to get in touch with her.
    4. Kaiser-serena was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    5. Hi,
      I am pay 170$ + 20$ for R Heliot head. I send 3 questions Kaiser Serena. Any answer.
    6. I got an email from her 22/08 saying my hooves would be posted on Monday 23rd,due to a family crisis...I replied to the email with a question, but no answer.
      I am away and at the moment and my internet connection is sporadic, so I can't do much until I get home again.
    7. I was on a 2-week layaway plan for the Heliot body. The first payment was made on 8/7.

      I PM'd her a couple of times at the beginning of last week (8/17 and 8/19) letting her know that I was ready to make my last payment and to get confirmation on her paypal address. Not hearing back from her, I emailed her on 8/20 (the day I had initially said I'd make my last payment). She emailed me back with her apologies for not getting back to me sooner due to family problems. She also confirmed her paypal address. I sent in my last payment on 8/20 and asked that she let me know when she mailed the body.

      I emailed her again on Monday (8/24) asking if the body had been mailed yet. I've not heard back from her yet.
    8. Hi,
      Kaiser-Serena send my email:
      ".....I have been having personal problems and I have just right now have been able to get the packages out...."
    9. With no response to the paypal 'dispute' enquiry, the 'dispute' has been escalated to a paypal 'claim'. I will gladly accept the money back within ten days.
    10. Everyone please check your emails and paypal claims
      I have just gone to the post office. All packages are shipped out and I can take pictures of not only confirmation papers but the receipts themselves.

      Cat, were you paying through someone else because if you did then that person should have your confirmation number.
    11. If anyone would like their tracking number VIA here please PM me.
      I am very sorry that this has happened to all of you, and I will make it up as best as I can.
    12. Yep, I received my tracking confirmation today. Thank you! I'll let you know when it arrives.
    13. Kaiser-Serena, I did request that you give me my tracking number through here. You did not respond to my PM. The person who did send you the paypal payment on my behalf does not have the tracking number either. She has told me that paypal has recieved it from you and that they are trying to "verify" the number now.

      If you have the number you may put it right in this thread.
    14. Weird I also sent her an email. Maybe it didn't get to her. Well here is the tracking number
    15. Kaiser-Serena, thank you. :)
    16. Thank You Kaiser - Serena for my tracking number :D
    17. My Heliot body arrived today. Thank you!
    18. Kaiser sent me me shipping confirmation as well. I will post an update when it arrives to confirm the completion of sales transaction.
    19. I also have postage confirmation, and will update when transaction is complete.
    20. I received the God Master Hands today :) . However, one of the hands was badly broken. :( I have posted the box opening photos to my Live Journal where you can see the damaged box and hands here: .

      Kaiser-Serena, I have sent you a note here on DoA by PM and a copy of the same note to your gmail address.