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Resolved Paging kaourika - RESOLVED

Oct 27, 2011

    1. I tried to contact kaourika a few times during the past two months but got no reply. Sorry Kao I have to do this.

      Back to early July, I bought 4 pairs of resin eyes in kaourika's eye Pre-order, and I sent back a pair of damaged eyes bought from her FS thread in DOA for repair. The last time I heard from her is on Aug 29; she said the eyes I ordered were almost ready and they could be shipped in a week. I was so happy and I kept checking my mailbox twice a day. Unfortunately since then I never hear back from her, and I never get the eyes I paid for. I emailed her and pmed her couple of times, she didn't reply neither of them.

      I don't know whether I am the only one who hasn't received the eyes because I remember there must be over 20 who placed an order through her website.
    2. kaourika was last on the forum 25OCT. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hope this helps: http://dollbakery.tumblr.com/

      If the link does not work, please go to her normal doll bakery site and check the news thread at the bottom of the page. Hopefully this will have your order in it :)

      I have not ordered any eyes from kaourika, but I am keeping track because I plan to in the future.
    4. Crimson_Falcon, thank you so much for the link. It's very helpful. Now I see what's the problem - I did order a few pairs in 18mm which caused the delay. To be honest I don't mind waiting a few more months. And I've told Kao I'm in no hurry. What get me pissed is the fact that she lacks smooth communication. Being ignored is very unpleasant.
    5. I'm in this boat too. She misread my PM from her about changing my order and she went ahead and made a pair of eyes I told her not to worry about. I have already paid for my outstanding pair of eyes and she told me 2 weeks ago they were done.

      Kao - I understand you're going through some legal issues right now, and I completely and totally appreciate that. However, my eyes have been -finished- for 2 or more weeks. Please ship them to me.
    6. My IMMENSE apologies. I just saw this. I am so sorry for not logging on to DOA since Oct 25.

      I just about had a heartattack when I did log on today, and saw all the backed up messages, and that I was being paged. @_@

      I understand the alarm I must have caused many people by not replying to their messages, and I'm truly sorry for it.

      When I get home, I will begin to reply to all the messages that have backed up in my PM inbox. It's probably going to take me several days to reply to all, but don't worry, they will be replied to.

      Multiple shipments were already planned to be going out on Monday, so that will be happening as well, and you'll get tracking info in your emails.

      Where did I go? What happened?
      Well, I'm in the middle of a ridiculous, STUPID lawsuit with this married couple... they're "neighbors" of mine.

      They are physically blocking my access to my own property by doing stupid stuff like pushing trees into the road, piling up dumptruck loads of rock/gravel over huge portions of the road, and more. Whenever someone tries to go by the road, either in a vehicle or on foot, they run out and start screaming at us, taking pictures of us (o_O) and then they call the police out on us.

      In court, a judge has already ruled that it's illegal for them to block our use of the road... but they violate the judge's order repeatedly. They continue to block the road and call the police, making up crazy "crimes" that me, my family, and my friends are supposedly committing against them in order to get the police out here (one time I actually overheard the wife making a call, and she claimed that I was dumping trash in her front yard. Which was a total lie. But since they made the call, it was up to me to prove legally that there was no trash, no dumping, etc.).

      Anyway... ugh, sorry, I could ramble for a looong time about how these people are ruining my life, so I'll stop now.

      Basically I've spent way too much time with the police, the lawyers, and in court recently. And not enough time replying to people's messages.

      So again, I am deeply apologetic. I was not ignoring anyone intentionally, and now I'll make sure everyone gets replied to.

      I would appreciate if the mods would leave this thread up and open until I can make sure that all this is fully resolved and everyone has gotten the replies they deserve. Thank you.
    7. My eyes arrived today so I consider this issue closed for me.
    8. Still waiting for the one pair of eyes I ordered. ^^; But I'm patient so I hope everything works out well for you kaourika~
    9. I've got the shipping notice from kaourika! My eyes were ready last week, and hopefully they will arrive to me in a few days. The issue is solved to me as well.
      I'm so grateful for all the effort you've made kaourika.
    10. Raen ~ Have you had resolution in this transaction?
    11. Received them today! Gorgeous eyes. Well worth the wait. <3 I really do hope you work everything out and continue making eyes, Kaourika. They're just way too pretty.