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Paging Kasai - RESOLVED

Jul 26, 2008

    1. I’ve been holding my tongue about this, but my worry has finally gotten the better of me, I’m afraid.

      In the last few days of last December, I PM’d Kasai in regards to purchasing the full set Lupinus Lishe that she had up for sale in the marketplace via a 4-month layaway. I sent my first payment on 2008-01-08, via paypal, but after making my second payment on 2008-02-15 I grew concerned as the transaction progressed and communication began to dwindle. The last PM I received from Kasai was sent on 2008-02-13, and after waiting a little longer I chose to e-mail her, where I received a reply and the transaction continued once more.

      After a few more stops and starts I finished paying off the doll and sent the money for shipping via paypal on 2008-07-12, and the communication continued for a little longer until the last E-mail I received from her on 2008-07-09. I have E-mailed her twice since then in order to find out if he has been shipped, but I have not received a reply. In spite of the lengths it sometimes takes for her to get back to me, she has always replied in a polite and friendly manner which originally stopped me from writing this page. I would like to think that I have been patient thus far, but I have grown concerned that a 4-month layaway has now lasted over half a year and I am yet to receive my doll. ​
    2. Updating. I received an e-mail today from Kasai to inform me that he was sent a couple of days ago. I will update again when the doll arrives here.​
    3. Updating to say that I received my doll today. He arrived to me with no damage whatsoever, and I am very pleased with him.​