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Jul 14, 2009

    1. This isn't a bad page, but I'd really like to know the status of the Heliot split that she ran. She recieved and signed for the doll on July 6th according to the tracking number. I sent two pm's asking if she could send the head via two day shipping and that I would pay for the extra cost and never recieved an answer. I was hoping to have this head by Otakon which is this week.

      I sent another pm with the same request and still haven't heard anything back. According to DoA she has been on multiple times since I've pm'd her.

      I sent a final pm yesterday stating that I would open this thread if I didn't hear back by today.

      I know life gets in the way, but I'm really starting to get worried as I've paid for an Open Eyed Heliot head through the split she ran and haven't heard anything back about it.

      Please contact me Kasa.
    2. KasaMadhuri777 is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum yesterday.
    3. Can I add our group order to this page? Kasa organized a GO for a Takeshi Kaneshiro Minimee. The heads arrived at her house over a month ago, but she has yet to mail them out to us. As far as I know, only one person in the GO has received their head and that's because DIM shipped to them directly. She last updated us about a week ago but we haven't heard from her since.
    4. I think there would be 8 of us waiting for heads from this Group Order, which she received on June 8.

      She says she's had a lot of things going on in her life lately, but that still seems like a very long delay.
    5. Sorry guys, I am going through unbelievable levels of real-life shit right now. I would prefer not to catalogue the detailed list. It is extremely bad timing and if I had had any idea it were coming, I would not have run these splits.

      Dont worry, all obligations will be fulfilled. Takeshi heads were placed in the 'mailbox' tonight. Heliot stuff is packed and ready. I have not been on the forum so I dont know why it says so.

      My life is virtually falling apart. I do apologize that it has inconvenienced you.
    6. I hope it's alright to post here, I have a commission slot with Kasa and am having a hard time getting a hold of her. Kasa, I'm really sorry to hear about the state of things for you, I understand if your having some sudden life changes and won't be able to do the work we discussed. Please PM me and let me know what's going on. Take care, sweetie.
    7. Oh at least you're still around >.< I've been kind of nervous about the state of my doll stuff for your commissions... could you at least pm me some kind of update, please?
    8. I got a pm from KasaMadhuri777 yesterday stating that she was ready to ship out my Heliot head. So I should be getting it soon. I'll keep you updated.
    9. The heads from the MNM GO are arriving as well.
    10. I'm still waiting my takeshi head, no news from Kasa, no tracking either.
      Please Kasa let me know something.
      thank you.
    11. Still waiting for my heliot head as well. No news or tracking yet and I have sent a shipping payment.
    12. I got a PM back from her (finally! whew) and she said she'd ship my commissions sometime last week I believe. I'll let you guys know when I get my stuff back! I still have no tracking information.
    13. I've sent another pm asking for an update on the shipping status of the heliot head as I haven't recieved a tracking number or a pm stating he's been shipped out and its been over a week since I sent the shipping money.
    14. NO News yet in spite of my several mails to her 2 email addresses + pms on DOA.
      Her last message is the one where she ask me to pay for shipping on june 10.

      I've paid $112,11 for the head on marsh 27
      and $ 35,78 for shipping on june 10.

      What can I do now?
    15. Well i'm trying to be patient but i doin't know,
      I allowed KasaMadhuri777 to have a couple of months layaway on her parts of the Chrom split, she's made 2 payments but now nothing, i've had to cover it for her :| No reply to my PM's despite her being on DoA a couple of times since i sent them :doh
    16. She was on the forum as of 8AUG. Could we please get a roll-call style posting of what each one of you is owed? Thanks.
    17. OK well i'm not in a bad position compared to anyone else (I just need the money to pay back my husband who settled my layaway with Soom) at least i could find another split partner if she let me know what's happening.

      So she owes me $110
    18. Kasa sent me an email last Friday stating that my heliot head had been shipped out a few days prior and that I should recieve it soon. However, I didn't get a tracking number and still no doll head.
    19. I have commissioned Kasa and she has my Soom Godo head, MNF Shushu head, and the upper torso + arms of an AOD boy body.

      I just sent her a PM yesterday, my 2nd one sent to her since I recieved a PM from her just over 2 weeks ago.
    20. Kay guys, you all know I have been going through some rather excessive life stuff lately. I am attempting to clean up the disaster happening on DoA in the midst of bigger issues.

      None of you have been scammed, none of you have been stiffed, you've just been delayed. I even sent some stuff FREE of charge, and undercharged with no issue on almost every package sent because postal rates went up after quoting each of you. Does that say I have any interest in scamming?

      As you know, when email has been sent to me I reply immediately (Amaeta, I DID answer you both times, and also told you explicitly that it often takes a month for things to arrive to France from Canada.). I have not been on DoA any longer than about thirty seconds in the last two weeks. So dont think I'm coming on here and browsing and ignoring you all. I havent even had a chance to check my PMs for over a week and a half. I have even asked a couple of real-life friends to relay information to you on the threads, which clearly they have not done for me.

      Im going to get this all tidied up, it's getting way out of hand. Let me get my postal reciepts in order, Im giving you every last shred of information I have because I dont know what else will appease.