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Paging Kayley (Papillion Studio) - RESOLVED

Jun 10, 2008

    1. First, I would like to say for those who may be prone to think the worst, that I do not think that any sort of scam is going on here. Kayley has stated before that she has a full-time job that often keeps her busy and unable to work on commission works as often as she would like. However, I have not been able to get an update on commission progress on a head that was sent to her. I'm making this thread in hopes of hearing something back from her.


      February 4: I PMed Kayley inquiring about the commission, I had some questions because this job requires a little bit of matching because of an apoxie mod on my DoC U head, and that was not explicitly stated as something she does.

      February 5: Received a reply and answered to confirm a spot on her waiting list. I was able to see my name added to it in her commissions thread. I was told it would be at least until March until she would reach my slot.

      March 24: Because I'd been doing some financial planning I PMed her asking if I could get a more updated estimate of how long it would take to get to my slot, as the waiting list in her thread had not been updated much in this time at all.

      April 1: Got a response back that she had an opening available right then if I wanted to take it.

      April 6: Got a response back with the address to send the head to, after posting on her LJ because DoA went down around that time and I wanted to make sure she got the message.

      April 9: Sent a PM confirming that I had shipped the head to her. I still have the receipts.

      *April 10: Received a PM confirming that the head had arrived and she had him.*

      The message is as quoted:

      To date, June 10th, I have received no updates from Kayley, I didn't begin to worry until more recently, as her thread states that it can take up to six weeks. I am under the assumption that she has just been busy with things out of her control ^^; I'm more worried that I haven't had word from her for two months than whether or not any work has actually been done. I can be patient and wait longer for the actual commission ^^

      I have sent two PMs to her that have received no response, one on May 18th, which did not have a read receipt. The second one sent on June 2nd did have a read receipt and has not been read. There is a real possibility that she has not received either of my two PMs or that I did not receive a response that was sent to the first, as this isn't unknown to happen on DoA.

      I was going to wait another week to post this thread, but someone from the boards (identity to remain anonymous for now unless need be revealed and I have their permission) commented about commissioning Kayley from DoA for a wig. This contact was made on an Instant Messenger I do not have on my computer because it has never worked for me reliably on the past (try kicking me out every 10 minutes or so). I'm not 100% sure this is the same Kayley, and it could be a case of mistaken identity.

      But on the chance that she is still communicating and dealing with people off DoA I've posted this thread hoping that someone can direct her here ^^;; I have also asked this same person to mention that I'm trying to contact her on DoA the next time she speaks to this Kayley just in case.

      I'm hoping I can get some response to the status of this commission soon.

      I am not angry with Kayley, I am just a little bit at a loss of what to do and a bit worried at the lack of communication.
    2. Kitazawa ~ This sounds too long a time to go without contact, especially as Kayley was online this morning at the exact same time you posted this. She is now Being Paged, please keep this thread updated with resolution. And you might consider posting a link back to this thread in her Commissions thread -

    3. Thank you I will do that. And thank you as well for letting me know she was online, as her status appears as invisible I have not been able to see her last time online in her profile (I assume that's why this is anyway). Although I do find that disappointing, as I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt :(
    4. Hey there, I haven't gotten any PMs from you, so I'm really sorry! I'm not sure why, but DoA has always, always been really flaky with PMs for me. (Right now it says I have 5 unread, but I don't see any new ones.)

      I've been REALLY busy with work so I apologize. As I've stated in my commission thread I always prefer people to e-mail me instead - theres also LJ, MSN, there are people that even have my phone number that would probably gladly give it to you. I haven't really heard of any contact from you otherwise so.. @_@
      Not saying that's an excuse, and its really bad on my part.

      I'm deeply sorry, and I will be emailing you shortly.
    5. No worries, I never thought anything bad was going on. Probably just me having a moment but I wasn't able to find an email address for you until it was PMed to me. I'm sure this is probably just me not being able to see something obviously in front of my face X__x;

      Thank you for getting into contact with me.

      I do not have MSN messenger, but I will gladly use email to contact you.

      For now, could one of the mods change the title to something along the lines of "contacted"? I would rather not have the thread closed just yet until this transaction has been completed, however.