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Resolved Paging Kessan - RESOLVED

Nov 21, 2011

    1. I'm really sorry to do this, but this transaction is taking too long and I don't know what else to do.

      My last message to Kessan was sent 11 days ago (Oct 10, 2011). She has logged in almost everyday since that day... I didn't receive any reply from her, though.

      In my message I asked her about the status of my comission, for a future trade between us. Our agreement was to trade my Sleeping Elf Mina in exchange for this comission (a custom made fantasy animal made by her).

      I'm beginning to fear that the comission that she was supposed to begin about 4 months ago hasn't even been started yet. I became suspicious because I have checked out her newest pictures at her flickr and her blogs: There you can find a lot of new works made from her, new pictures, new art, etc. but none of these works are my comission. If my comission is still pending why does she keep beginning new works that should supposedly go after mine?

      I didn't get any kind of REAL update about the status of this comission in the 4 months that I have been waiting, apart from her word that she was doing it.
      The lack of final answers or a deadline date makes me worry that I'm waiting for nothing.

      If she hasn't begun my commission yet, I hope I can be allowed to cancel the trade, and be able to put my Sleeping Elf Mina for sale again, without receiving a "Flakey feedback" from her for cancelling, because I think I'm being more than patient in this case, and my doll has been already too many months on hold for this, to not even receive an answer or a picture of my comissioned doll.

      If needed, I can quote any messages to prove all the things I have explained in this post.

      I hope you can help me to solve this, thanks in advance.
    2. Kessan was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I haven't received any answer from her yet. If I don't get any reply from her by the first week of December, I hope moderators can allow me to cancel this trade without any negative consequences to my feedback. I'm still keeping all the messages between this user and me, just in case they are needed as evidence of all the situation that I have explained at my first post. Thanks a lot in advance.
    4. Today I have received an email from her:
      I have sent a reply telling her to send me a picture within this week.

      I'll post again with any other new information until it gets solved. :)
    5. She has sent a pm to me yesterday with pictures of the comissioned doll finished. The communication problem seems to be solved. To the mods: close this board if you think it appropriate, and thank you very much for everything :)