Unresolved Paging KeyofTwilight - MEMBER MP BANNED

Dec 18, 2010

    1. I'm the one also has the problem with KeyOfTwilight , I bought Volks Luna's head from him by layaway payment and I done the layaway withing 2 weeks. He shipped the Luna's head for me without paperwork and he said he will ship the paperwork of Luna after that. I asked him many times if he can ship the paperwork for me. I'm still waiting the package since then it was 3 weeks now.

      One more thing that I have to concern about how's he sell the doll , The Volks Luna's head I got from him came in poor condition , he faceup has a lot stain , damage eyelashes and has some chips on the head cap (he never mention me about that) Anyway it's fine ,I can fixed it because it's Limited Doll and I really want it.

      Please keep this thread until he send me the paperwork of Luna.
    2. KeyofTwilight sent me pm today
      I don't understand I'm only asked him to send me paperwork and I gave him much more time (since the day before Thanks Giving Day) until now I'm still not received any paperwork form him. I asked him every week if he have time to send that paper for me. He always said he's working on it, he have no money to ship the paper for me. I paid him $900 !!! only thing I want is just the doll head and paperwork as described on the sale thread.
      Am I rude person ? I think I should get what I paid for.
      The poor condition of doll head is fine for me, I can fix it. But only thing I want to let people know is the way he sell item he is not honest to describing the item he sell. Just want to make it to be fair with another member.