Paging Kikyo44 - RESOLVED

Aug 23, 2009

    1. Basically, I need to get into contact with Kikyo44 somehow. She's been very consistent with communication up until the point where I sent her an invoice and a PM informing her that I've sent said invoice. That is where the communication from her end died completely. Her last visit on DoA is showing directly after she opened the PM that I sent her to let her know that I sent her an invoice.

      That was on the 20th, which is the exact date she said that she would be able to send payment for the items she claimed in my Fairyland splits.

      I know it's only been a few days, but everything was ironed out beforehand otherwise the splits she was involved in wouldn't have even been placed in that order.

      I'm just frustrated with the sudden lack of communication. She read my PM, so she could have easily contacted me after doing so.

      If she is trying or needs to back out, I would prefer that she be upfront instead of not saying anything at all, because there are others in the splits she's in and they've paid. D:

      At this point, I'm going to go ahead and refund those in the splits she's in and cancel the order, which will push back the split order placement for everyone else until someone else can claim her parts or she gets in contact with me.

      So if anyone knows her, can you direct her to this thread.
    2. Kikyo44 was last on the forum 20AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Kikyo44 has contacted me today and I have responded, awaiting the next PM from her. I'm hoping that we can sort through things and come to a clear consensus before the next order is placed to avoid any further mishaps.

      I suppose the fact that contact has now been established makes this resolved? ^^;;
    4. Yes , don't worry , I was a little problem with my paypal account , but I think it's ok for this week , really sorry for. thanks