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Resolved Paging kiradyn_rhiode - RESOLVED

Jan 14, 2012

    1. I’m trying to get in touch with kiradyn_rhiode. She hasn’t responded to any of my PM’s since the 5th of January (AEST) and it doesn’t look like she’s been on the forum since then, either.

      We have an in progress transaction, begun on the 31st of December. I have not had contact from her for almost ten days now. At this point, I would just like to know if everything is okay with her. I don’t want to call this a problem transaction yet. As noted above, my last contact from her was on the 5th of January.
    2. kiradyn_rhiode was last on the forum 4JAN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Sorry, I had to vanish from the digital world for awhile due to some personal/school problems, but they've been dealt with now and I've sent you a PM with fresh updates on our transaction. Sorry for making you anxious! >m<!!;;;
    4. I've gotten a PM and email from kiradyn_rhiode. We're continuing with our transaction and I'll keep this thread updated with the resolution.
    5. I've paid off the doll now and it's been shipped :) I'll update again when I've received it.
    6. I received the doll today, everything is fine and I'll be leaving feedback for kiradyn_rhiode soon.