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Paging: Knitty_kat - RESOLVED

Dec 8, 2009

    1. Hello Mods,

      I commissioned Knitty_kat for 6 items of Super Gem clothing in the begininng of October ... She said she would have everything done in 1-2 weeks. Well, she wasn't able to keep to schedule, which was fine ... I'm a very understanding person. Her communication remained excellent all throughout October and a part of November ....

      She then pmed me around the 8th-10th of November to tell me she would have progress photos that week, but the photos never came. Around the middle of the month, i pmed her to let her know I would be heading out of town ... I also asked her for an update on the commission. Well, I had a read reciept for the message and she read it a few hours later but never replied. So almost two weeks later (at the end of November), I sent her another pm asking for another update and why she hasn't replied to my pm ... She was online several times but never replied to the pm or read it. I figured she was just busy really. Then she read it, according to the read reciept and a few days went by and she still did not reply. *_*

      I sent her another pm of the 6th of December and she hasn't even read it yet even though she has been online.

      I just don't know what is taking her soooo long to read my pms and why she is not even replying to them ... I haven't heard from her in nearly a month for a commission she told me would take two weeks :( I think I have been understanding enough really ... I have given her ample enough time(3 weeks of it!) to reply to me and still she does not ... I really hate to go public with this, but I see no other choice due to lack of communication on her end.
    2. Furthermore, I think I should state that I completely paid for this commission in the Beggining of October --> $95.
    3. Knitty_Kat was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. Anyone live in the same city as Krista and can tell her I am trying to get in touch??
    5. Just letting you know that I responded to your email, and am working to get this resolved asap.
    6. Thanks knitty_kat ... I have responded to your email as well.

    7. new email sent for update 12/23/09, nine days later -_-
    8. still waitong on my commission items. last communication from Knitty_Kat:

      Date: Monday, December 28, 2009, 11:21 AM

      I had just gotten online to tell you that your package will ship today if I can get out of work on time. Tomorrow morning for sure. Everything is done and packaged up.


      But I haven't heard anything from her since so I don't know if it was shipped yet and don't have a tracking number... We'll see, I guess
    9. My commission items have arrived. Thank you so much knitty_kat!!

      Mods, please lock this thread. The matter is resolved.