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Resolved Paging Kogepan - RESOLVED

May 30, 2010

    1. Paging Kogepan

      I sent my doll's head to her over two weeks ago for a face up. She said she'd dell me how much the work and the shipping back to me would be when she got it. She pm that she got it but nothing else. I pm her several time to she how the works was doing but after no replies or cost estimates I'm going annoyed. I really just want my doll's head back so I can get someone else to do the work.
    2. Kogepan was last on the forum 13MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Count me in as another one waiting on Kogepan. Last time I heard from her was on May 6th, saying that she had been busy with her job, and that she would have photos for me ASAP. Haven't heard from her since then though, I was hoping we wouldn't have to open a paging thread, but I'm just starting to get a little worried since I've PMed her on DoA and emailed her at the address she provided for me and still heard nothing. :<
    4. bump. (still no word.) I hate to leave bad feedback so I'll give her another week but this getting ridiculous
    5. I PMed sher_in_texas about it, because she was the only one who's actually heard from her, and got this;
      So it looks like we have to send her an actual letter? I can send you the address she gave me if you'd like, chibialex.
    6. Kogepan also has a WS Fairyland cupid multihead of mine. I think she has had it around two months. It has been over a month since I heard from her. I paid for the face up and return shipping before April 30th. The last I talked to her she was going to add more freckles to it.

      It's this head http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?351413-Kogepan-Faceups-US-based-20&p=5891754&viewfull=1#post5891754


      I mailed her a letter to the address I originally sent my head and it arrived yesterday, it was tracked with delivery confirmation. I asked that she return my head that she didn't need to add more freckles just return the head.
    7. Is the same addy i original ship to in Hudson, OH?
    8. Anyone hear anything else yet?
    9. No. Sorry. i mailed her a letter today. I hope to get my boy's head back and I'll have to find another artist ~_~
    10. Anyone get a letter back or anything? I'll probably send one out this week. :I
    11. nothing yet.
    12. Would i count on this thread? She is in a middle of a transaction with me; purchasing a head from me. I did say that i would accept a long layaway on my sales thread, but she assured me she would pay for the rest of the head "soon." This was on April 19

      I haven't heard anything since then, either. I sent her email and have pm'd her around May 19

      I'm not angry or looking to flame, just want some communication. If she needs more time, I'd give it to her, but she's got to let me know.

      I had another buyer, but chose her because she pm'd me first. I would like to get the rest of the money and I hope she doesn't want a refund because i've already spent it on bills :sweat

      I hope to hear from her soon and that you guys get whats yours back
    13. I still haven't heard anything from her.

      I really don't know what to do any more I've tried every way of contacting her to get my boy's head back and still nothing.
    14. At this point I think the only way of contact we haven't tried is getting someone to visit her address and see what is going on, but I don't know anyone in the area. :< I really wish we'd hear something.
    15. I mailed Kongepan three heads for faceups in April. She confirmed that they arrived, and I paid her in full via Paypal. I requested that she return the heads by 6 June, for a photo event. She said that would be "no problem," that I'd have them back in about three weeks. I haven't heard from her since the end of April. She's not responded to PMs or email.
    16. So I searched a bit, and found two phone numbers for her address. Would anyone like to try calling them?
    17. i will. can you pm the numbers. because i frankly would like my boy's head back.
    18. anyone hear anything?
    19. i haven't. does anyone know anyone in that area? because asking someone we know, or even the police, to go by her house is really the only other option we have.
    20. I called one number it was disconnected.