Resolved Paging Korisanzu - RESOLVED

Mar 29, 2011

    1. Last year, I commissioned Korisanzu to paint my Soom Ai head, which I have send to her in Oktober (arrived at her home on 10-28-2010). In Januar I have PM'ed her about the progess of the face-up and she send me pictures of the progress (01-30-2011). I responded that I liked it so far and she told me (02-09-2011) that she will have the head ready soon. On 03-01-2011 she PM'ed me to tell me that she would like to refund me the commission money due to the long wait and apologized for it. She told me that she has been extremely busy, but that she will finish and ship the head this week and send me pictures of it.

      a) I did not receive any refund via paypal until now
      b) I tried to pm her again on DoA, but I got no response
      c) I tried to pm her on Flickr and she responded (03-21-2011) that tries to send me PMs with pictures since 2 weeks ago
      d) I gave her my email address (because I thought maybe her PMs on DoA got lost somehow... never had this problem before) and I waited for pictures
      e) I did not receive any email with pictures or the head itself in the post by now
      f) I sent her a PM via Flickr (03-25-2011) that I just want my Ai head back (finished or not) and that I will take further steps if I don't receive an answer from her

      So, this is the progress of the story so far.
      I really hope that this post is making a difference. I'm really sad and I just want my precious Soom Ai head back :(.
      It has been the first time for me to commission someone for a face-up and I hope that I did everything right with the explanation in this post.
      I doubt that I will send out my doll heads to anyone again :(.
      Please answer, Korisanzu!
    2. Korisanzu was last on the forum 24MAR. She is now Being Paged. Did you commission her through a DoA thread?

    3. Yes, our main communication has been via DoA PMs. I commissioned her through DoA and I'm still listed in her face-up commissions thread as in progress.
    4. I shall be contacting babyelf right now, and I sincerely apologize about this. Thank you
    5. Korisanzu has refunded the face-up money to me. She said she will ship the head soon. :D
      (I will consider this case as resolved when I have received the head)
    6. Korisanzu just emailed me pictures of the painted doll head (I love the face-up!).
    7. Korisanzu told me she has shipped my head today :D
    8. My head has arrived savely home! This transaction problem is resolved now. A big thanks to the moderators!