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Paging Krambear - RESOLVED

Mar 10, 2009

    1. Hi!
      Just paging Krambear, as I've had her two SD-sized heads since December '08!!
      I've PM'd her a few times since they've been finished, but haven't had any response. I also sent a snailmail letter about two weeks ago to the address provided on the heads' box, but no response yet.

      Krambear- if you see this message, please let me know where to return your boys' heads to. If you don't have funds to pay for the faceups it's no big whoop, pay me when/if you can, but I'd like to send your boys' heads home to you in any case.

      I don't want to send them off into a void, however, if you're not at your old address or something. I hope all's okay, please get in touch!

      Thank you
    2. Raven ~ krambear is now Being Paged, please post when the situation is resolved! Thanks!
    3. Just thought I'd post here again to ask if anyone knows krambear's last name??
      She did include a note with the heads, but though I know her first name she didn't put her full name on the note and on the box she put only the address!

      So I'm not sure if my snailmail letter will even get to her... It hasn't come back, though/yet.

      If anyone knows it, please PM it to me? I'll try sending another letter when/if I get this info.

      Thanks again!
    4. I'm not sure if this is kosher, but I'd like to add to this paging thread for krambear instead of starting another. I have an MSD FCS of hers that was delivered to me in December & I've been waiting for her to send me the shipping so I can mail it to her. I've been in contact with her briefly via email over a month ago yet still have received no shipping funds & she's not responded to my latest emails. The doll is paid for, packaged & ready to go; all I need is the shipping & a current address to send it to!
    5. I do have her last name now, and I noticed she has a myspace account, and last logged into it 3-23-09. The problem is I can't message her though myspace unless I sign up, but I don't want to! I'm sending another snailmail letter tomorrow, now that I have her actual name.... but if someone else who's on myspace could message her on my and purgatoriX's behalf, that'd be spiffing!


    6. Just noting that someone has sent a message on my behalf to Krambear through myspace, so hopefully she'll see it and contact me soon.

    7. I have received notification of a payment sent from her to my Japanese PayPal today. I'll confirm it when I get home from work, but it seems she is alive & well, just very scattered & busy ^^;;;
    8. Update: I have indeed received payment for shipping, and then some! My issue with her is resolved :)
    9. Update: She's in touch now! I've been paid for my work and have confirmed her address with her. I'll be shipping her heads home to her today. The matter seems resolved, but I figure I should leave this up 'til I hear word of the heads' receipt.

    10. I heard from krambear! Her heads have arrived safely and she's pleased with them.
      So everything's resolved. ^_^

      Thank you!