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Paging Kranna - RESOLVED

Nov 6, 2009

    1. I bought a LE Soom outfit from Kranna on October 10th (paid in full on the same day) and I am told it was posted on the 12th. I have still not received it after almost 4 weeks. If this were an international transaction I would possibly be less concerned, but it's all conducted within the UK.

      I realise we've recently had some postal strikes, but this transaction was completed a week and a half before they started. All of my British and international mail (and there's been a lot) has arrived no problem. I contacted Kranna on 28/10/09 to ask for a copy of the postal receipt and she replied telling me she doesn't have one, it was posted in a jiffy bag with just a stamp. This was not a cheap outfit and I have no idea where it is now or if it even had the correct postage on the envelope!! I've PM'd Kranna several times to ask about this, but she has not been on DOA since 28/10/09.

      To be honest I cant believe this was sent without some form of mailing receipt, but I need to know what she intends to do to about the situation.
    2. Kranna was last on the forum 28OCT. She is now Being Paged, please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. The package has now been traced and mailed out to me with insurance. I expect it to arrive within the next few days. Thank you Mods I consider this problem resolved.