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Paging Krazikupo re: Dollmore GO - RESOLVED

Feb 12, 2010

    1. Krazikupo hosted a Dollmore GO which was managed ideally until recently. There are 10 GO participants (in addition to Krazikupo) and the value of the order was listed as $600.
      Organization, invoicing, and communication had been excellent but she is no longer posting updates to the thread or responding to requests for updates even though she has been on DoA recently.

      • The participants paid for the items the first week of January.
      • Krazikupo posted that the items had arrived at her home on 1/28 but she was very busy and would need a few days to organize and send out invoices for shipping.
      • On Monday 2/1, Krazikupo posted an extremely apologetic message that she was still very busy and wouldn't be able to send shipping invoices until Thursday 2/4. However, she had separated the orders and was prepared to get the shipments out quickly after the 4th.
      • There have been no updates or communications since that post on 2/1. Several GO participants have posted polite requests for updates in the thread and tried to reach her through PM and e-mail. According to her public profile, she has been on DoA multiple times since 2/4 without responding or updating the thread.
      • Since it has now been 11 days since her last communication, I am hoping that paging her through this forum will help resolve the issue.

      All the GO participants have been very patient and understanding of time pressures and conflicts. But since Krazikupo has been on DoA recently, I can't think of any reason she would fail to update us. I hope everything is well with her and hope that she will complete this GO as professionally as she began it, but I'm extremely concerned at this point.

    2. She has updated us! But maybe we should keep this open till all the packages are received ^^
    3. Krazikupo was on the forum today and updated the GO thread. She is Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    4. Hii, I got paged, thank you.
      Hopefully this will be resolved very soon.
      I have to update the GO again, since everything will be mailed tomorrow.
      I'm sorry for the trouble I caused.

      Again - This information will be posted on the GO right now.

      I apologize for the trouble I caused, and I thank everyone for trying to get my attention.
    5. Edit: To go with my last message, since I can't edit it,...

      I have been on DoA in the past week, it's true, but briefly and in passing. Mainly to check for PM's. (I did not receive any PM's until yesterday, which I found out today, and the first e-mail I received, to notify me about this ordeal was today, and I am in deep gratitude for sending me an e-mail to notify me of the situation. Yet, it is my fault for not taking initiative and putting the GO as a high priority.)
      I understand I've been a flake, and I take full responsibility for my unacceptable behavior.

      I can't say I really know why I didn't write any updates... being busy seems to make weeks go by without realizing it.
      Again, I feel like I'm making up excuses for my faults, and I don't intend it to be an excuse at all, but simply a way to better understand the faults on my behalf, and why I acted so stupidly.
      Hopefully it will answer questions anyone has, as to why I am so faulty.
      If any other questions need be answered, please do not hesitate to ask, since I am here and ready to take responsibility of my awful actions.
    6. All but two of the packages were sent out yesterday :)
    7. All packages have been mailed.
    8. I received my items from the GO and my shipment is complete and perfect. I ordered lots of small items so it would have been easy to get something wrong in my order.

      I hope everyone else receives their items in the next day or two and that they are just as happy with their orders as I am.

      I am sure that this GO was a lot of work for Krazikupo. I really appreciate all the time and effort she put into it. I wish she had kept in touch with us throughout the process so that we knew what was happening, and so that we were assured that we had trusted a reliable person, and that we would receive the items we had paid for. If it weren't for that lapse in communication, this would have been an ideal GO.

      I'm looking forward to seeing posts when everyone else receives their items this week. As for me, all is well that ends well and I'm happy. I sincerely appreciate the work that Krazikupo put into this order and her very quick responses when she was paged.

    9. It sounds pretty safe to call this resolved then?
    10. Yes Zagzagael -- please mark this one "resolved." I haven't seen postings yet from the other participants that their items are received but I'm confident they will be. And, we primarily wanted to re-establish contact with this page and that has worked out very well for us.

      Thanks so much to you and the mods for the assistance.