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paging Kristyn - RESOLVED

Feb 27, 2009

    1. Ok I have never done this before and I don't really know were to start so please forgive me if I sound stupid
      I started a layaway with Kristyn for a Serendipity Nightmare Sharmin right before as she decided to get out of the hobby She was gracious enough to let me do a very long layaway as she was not in a hurry to part with the last doll she had on sale. She was absolutely amazing though the whole thing (great communication) and was always very kind and patient even when I had to extend the layaway do to personal issues.
      now I finished the layaway with my last payment on the 5th, I sent an e-mail the same day letting her know that I had finished and was very exited about finally getting my girl home.
      I have not heard form her since the 2nd even though i did see she was here on DOA on the 16th. Now I am not saying she has stolen because i do not believe that is the case she has great feedback and more so has been very kind to me this whole time however i would like to know if she is ok as it seems out of character to not respond to any e-mails even when she is online.
      so I guess if anyone knows her it would mean a lot if I could know that she was ok and that my doll is she with her and also ok. I don't mind waiting a bit for her to ship my girl if she is ill or busy as she has been patient with me i just want to know that she will be shipped.
      I hope this is not to forward or that i did not wait long enough to post this any help would be great.
      thank you to everyone.
    2. djgigahertz ~ Kristyn is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you Zazagael I will try to keep up to date on this
      also i am sorry about my grammar I tried to edit and found out I can't so again I'm sorry that it is hard to read :sweat
    4. well I still have not heard anything if anyone know Kristyn or a way to get a hold her it would be very much appreciated.
    5. well it has been a month and I have heard nothing I would really like to know that Kristyn and my doll are safe.
    6. OK I am not sure if it is an invasion of privacy and I don't like snooping around but I saw on Kristyn's Ebay account that she was both on and purchasing on the 28th of Feb so I do know she has been online. I am trying to think positive but I feel like I am being ignored now that I have paid her please if anyone knows her I just want to know everything is safe and ok.
    7. ok I tried calling her on a number that I found through the internet and I left a message because no one answered. I'm thinking the worst and i spent a lot of money on this doll if anyone knows her or can get a hold of her somehow I just want this whole matter cleared up I just want my girl home!
    8. I hate to have done it but I opened a paypal dispute as I have still heard nothing for Kristyn. Thank you to the wonderful people that have offered advice and reassurances it means a lot to me =) i just hope this gets fixed quickly.
    9. I'm not sure how often to post here I have still heard nothing if anyone knows Kristyn from another forum or site please let her know i just want my sharmin thats all if she sold it to another person while i was doing layaway i just want to know i hate feeling this sad about something that should have been so happy.
    10. ok Kristyn has contacted me i guess she has been going through some hard times and she has told me she will send my doll on Friday. i am thankful to everyone that has offered advice and guidance it has been very helpful hopefully soon my girl will be home with me =)
    11. I now have a tracking number so she has been sent out thank you to those who have written me with kind words and thank you to Kristyn for getting back to me and letting me bring this girl home.
    12. my girl arrived safe and sound today:aheartbea . this can be closed I would like to say thank you to everyone especially Kristyn all said and done she is a nice person and I LOVE my new girl!!! :fangirl: