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Paging Kuru - RESOLVED

Apr 29, 2009

    1. This isn't a negative transaction or anything, I'm just trying to get in touch with Kuru who took part in the For My Doll wigs group order I hosted. He/she is one of the remaining GO members who hasn't sent me payment for shipping of her wigs from me to her, so I still have his/her wigs ^^;

      I know in the past that he/she had trouble receiving PMs off me, but I've also noticed he/she doesn't seem to have been on DoA for some while either *_*

      I've sent him/her an email, but I haven't received a reply yet....
    2. Aralyne ~ kuru is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you, Zagzagael.

      Still haven't heard anything from Kuru yet though. Hopefully I'll hear something from him/her soon.
    4. Still no contact from Kuru ><
    5. Still haven't heard from Kuru... he/she is now the only member of the group order that I still haven't sent wigs out to *_*
    6. Kuru has contacted me and explained the reason for her absence. Onc I've received payment for shipping off her, I'll be posting her wigs off.

      I no longer need to page her, so Mods, please lock this thread, thank you!