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Resolved Paging Kyrsten - RESOLVED

Apr 9, 2011

    1. I was reluctant to start this thread since I would have liked to resolve this solely by PM. Krysten has been nothing but a pleasure to work with up until this issue. I was also afraid this member would run off because of this paging thread but lately she's been ignoring me so I figure there is little difference in what her reactions may be whether or not I start this.

      I sold an Unoa Faceplate to Krysten: Link to thread here. You can find her positive feedback regarding this transaction here.

      3 months after finishing this transaction with Krysten (March 19, 2011) I received an email notification from PayPal that the credit card company used to pay her layaway payments has initiated a chargeback on one of the three payments. This has frozen the funds I had on my PayPal account and prevents me from paying anyone with said account without first paying off the rest of the chargeback. PayPal has informed me that even though I have proof of this transaction being authorized and happily finished that it is the bank's decision on whether to end the chargeback or not. This could take anywhere to 80 days.

      I PMed Krysten immediately after receiving news of this and at first communication about this issue was consistent and fast. Apparently she was using her sister's credit card (I was not informed of this during our transaction) and her sister apparently changed her credit card company so krysten has told me she doesn't know how this happened or how it can be resolved.

      We pretty much agreed her sister needs to call the company and resolve this since it seemed like a simple misunderstanding, I was fine with waiting since Krysten had definitely upheld good communication with me. After a few weeks, communication died down, even though Krysten has been online lately, and I have not received any kind of update on the situation.

      I've PMed Krysten about what she can do in case her sister cannot end this chargeback on her own. She has not responded yet.

      She could either of two things:
    2. Kyrsten was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. I've yet to receive word from Krysten but there is a link on her profile that leads me to her account in a different, Spanish, forum. Luckily for me I speak fluent Spanish- I've sent her a message there since she was last online yesterday and am hoping that she'll be coaxed to resolve this at once.
    4. I received word back from Krysten on her Spanish forum on the 14th of April. I was told she feels a lot more comfortable speaking to me in her native language so we will continue doing so. Her excuse for not being online (or in this case: being online but not responding) was because she was ill and she couldn't translate her explanation well and the reason the chargeback wasn't canceled is because her sister was having trouble settling it with the credit card company- according to Krysten her sister canceled her bank account on a bad note.

      I spoke with Paypal and the bank has initiated the chargeback officially. I am now out of 77.29USD
      The PM Krysten recently sent me states that she will attempt to pay me in multiple payments because she is a student and cannot pay me all at once. I've PMed her back today with a screenshot of the exact amount she owes me and have questioned her payment plans. Hopefully we will settle on a timed schedule.
    5. These last couple weeks Krysten hasn't been able to contact me, I thought she was just avoiding me but thanks to someone who knows her and to her facebook page it has been confirmed that she's still been extremely ill and has lost her internet connection.

      Fortunately krysten has gotten back to me today and communication is much better. We've started out a plan for her to pay me back this month and hopefully this will all be over soon.

      Apparently she's been getting a lot of negative comments about not being able to get online and I just want to make clear that Krysten has always been forward with me when it came to taking responsibility for this chargeback. I hope everyone will make a more informed and better decision on dealing with her once this is over without wrongful judgment.
    6. Sorry for the delay Jirachi, I've just entered DoA for the first time till I had my internet connection again.
      As I could read everything's going as we said and that's so good, I detest problems, specialy with kind people like you, you were very nice with me and I hope everything goes well till now.

      Thank you so much for understanding and your support, and, of course, for trying to clean up my name on BJD world. Once I made the payment I think this problem will be solved. But forget about other people, I've assume it, some people can't believe that easely but now I'm much relaxed.
    7. Krysten has just sent me the fully owed payment ^^
      I consider this transaction resolved happily!