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Paging Laamberry - RESOLVED

Jan 16, 2009

    1. Not sure if you are not getting my pms, but i have not heard back from Laamberry

      -01/03/09 Paid for a SD16 outfit, 100+4.80s/h=104.80

      -01/07/09 I pm asking if item has been shipped as i have not heard from her, Laamberry responded saying it was shipped yesterday which was 01/06/09 but did not say which method.

      -01/14/09 i pm Laamberry asking which method it was shipped as i have not heard back

      Laamberry has been online since them but never responded. I still have not heard back or gotten the item

      Please contacted as it has been a 8 days since it was sent.

    2. swan20 ~ Laamberry is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution!
    3. I would like to hear from her myself bought a SD Volks Coat from her for $30 + S&H fees and haven't heard from her. Sent 2 PM asking where coat is. She said she would mail on 7th and it still isn't here. For what I paid in shipping it should have gone Priority Mail.
      So that is two she is owning stuff to.
    4. PMed you both
    5. I don't have any PM from her?
    6. ? i'll resend it
    7. Thanks Zagzagael, will keep this update.

      Received PM from Laamberry.

      animemom, same here, i paid 4.80, if she shipped through pp it can be Priority w/tracking also. Or at least first class w/ tracking but i received none.
    8. Yes I got a PM from Laamberry and she told me to give it another week so hoping by Fri the 23rd. If item/ a SD Volks Duffel coat has not arrived she said she would refund my money.
    9. Laamberry said that same thing to me also, wait another we, if item have not arrived, she will also refund.
    10. Laamberry refund the money, If item arrived, i will pay her again or if she like, i can send it back to her. Her choice of course. thank you.
    11. The coat I bought from Laamberry arrived in today's mail. I have canceled the dispute with PP over the payment and I am happy I have my item as shown and as hoped for. My girl will look wonderful in her warm winter coat. Hope all goes well for Swan20 as well.
    12. Item arrived today.

      To my shock it was posted on Jan 20th instead of the 6th as she claimed. She even said she did send it when replying to my pm sent on the 16th. she has no intention of even shipping the item in the first place until all this. I am waiting to see if she want the item back or re-pay her.
    13. hi, while i find the assumption that i was trying to scam you rather hasty, i realize there is little to do to change your mind on the matter so i'll let you believe what you want and you can leave feedback as you see fit. I gave the packages to my mother to ship out because i haven't got a drivers license and she assured me they had been sent them out days and days ago but i imagine that wasn't the case after all. I went to the post office myself this Saturday and asked around and they said they were having trouble and delays because of the sudden unexpected weather, but i'm not sure if thats related to the case at hand..