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Paging Ladious - RESOLVED

Apr 22, 2008

    1. I'm very sorry I have to do this. You are a wonderful artist and the first transaction I had with you last year went wonderfully. I was looking forward to you doing my two very special girls for this spring.

      However, despite my constant PMs asking the very simple question of whether or not you have picked up my heads from the post office yet, I have received hardly any communication.

      I continue to see you getting online here on DoA and not responding to me. I am scared for the safety of my heads; the tracking number indicates that my package made an attempted delivery on April 13th. It is now the 21st! You told me three days ago that you had received a note, and that you could only go on the weekends. That I was understanding of, but when I didn't hear from you further I started to get worried again.

      I just saw you get online several times after I PMed you twice about what the status is, and you seem to be ignoring me. I'm afraid I will have to leave this up until I know that you have the heads and your communication improves.
    2. She got back to me, it turns out that PMs haven't been going through again and that she had let me know on Sunday that the heads are with her now.

      Stupid computers... @_@