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Paging paging LavieNeko

May 31, 2012

    1. I paid for my pipos mac 5 weeks ago and have not heard back from you. Please respond to my emails.
    2. LavieNeko was last on the forum 16MAY. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Bump! I paid for a doll as of 4-23 and have not heard from her since. I'm seriously bummed, never been riped off before.
    4. Bump I have filed a claim with paypal. I hope I can get all my money back because it was a layaway. I'm beyond ticked!!! Seems she could ask for money but not send the doll?????
    5. Hi! I am so sorry about the wait. Life's been sort of upside down this winter and spring. Yes, you still owe $50 and then she's all yours. Please include your shipping info on your last paypal so I have it on hand and I'll send her.

      Originally Posted by dolljeweler

      Originally Posted by LavieNeko

      I did! Sorry, I've been CRAZY busy and haven't actually been online much. x.x Thank you! She's waiting anxiously!
      What's my balance on my little girl?
      some notes of the pm's
    6. Bumping this up again. I get more furious by the day!! Almost 2 months since I paid doll off!!
    7. Update on this transaction. Paypal refunded the last part of my layaway with her of $50, my band is in the process of refunding (hopefully) the balance. I will only use a credit card in the future as that will give me more protection.
    8. Please post in this thread when/if you consider this transaction resolved.
    9. I still have not heard back if the bank will resolve this in my favor. The transaction was definately a fradulent one.
    10. The bank found that they could not recover the funds I paid her, therefore I am out $200. Does anyone know what legal recourse I have in this matter? I would be glad to throw her in jail.