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Resolved Paging Legado

Apr 21, 2018

    1. This isn't bad i'm just worried as I haven't heard from the seller in a long time and I just sent monry to finish my layaway. I have a Sien head on layaway with legado. I paid her three times once in march where I recieved confirmation she recieved my payment. She contacted me on March 3rd to tell me the shipping price. On the 7th I paid her again but received no confirmation. I didn't really think much of it as we all get busy. I sent my last payment yesterday the 20th but I haven't heard from her since March 3rs and I haven't received confirmation that she received my last two payments or that the head is going to be shipped. I see she has really good feedback but it also doesn't tell me when she was last online and I'm beginning to worry.
    2. @Legado was last on the forum on Thursday, April 19 2018. They are now being paged
    3. Well, I dont usually use the forum for this reason dont entry frecuenlly sorry.
      MP send to Queen of voice. All its ok with payment i send the doll and mp with tracking on Monday.
    4. I heard from her today and am happy she's okay :) you can close/resolve this thread
    5. @Queen Of Void this thread will remain open until you have received the doll as described.
    6. I picked her up today in pefect condition thank you