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Paging Lilja

Aug 20, 2008

    1. Please check your PMs.

      Lilja PM'ed me about giving her doll a face-up early June and I agreed to do it in July. Late July, I received her doll's head and started working on it while we were figuring out a payment method.

      On July 30th, Lilja agreed to "pay half the price now" and the rest when her doll was finished and she had seen photos. I did not receive any payment from her, but began working on the commission anyway.

      On August 5th, I finished Lilja's commission and PM'ed her with the photos as well as payment details.

      I have not gotten a reply. She hasn't been online since July 30th (our last correspondence).

      Any help in tracking her down would be greatly appreciated. I have messaged her both here and on through her Livejournal already.
    2. Still haven't heard back from her~ Does anybody know Lilja IRL/offline? I hope she is okay.
    3. If you still have her return address on the box she sent the head in, you might consider sending a letter snail-mail marked important, appropriately. That way if anything has happened to her, folks might not be checking livejournal and e-mail and DOA, but they would surely be grabbing her mail for her. Same also if for some reason she has lost internet access. A fried computer could put someone out for a month, easily. You can also aquire her phone number through yellowpages online if you have her address.
    4. Thank you for the suggestion, Buff! I kept the address from the box, so I will try sending her a letter tomorrow. I would call, but it would be long distance (Sweden), so hopefully snail mail will work.